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‘Nothing new’ on disappearing pets in Maplewood

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The game warden for Jefferson County said there is “nothing new that I am aware of” in connection with disappearing pets in Trussville’s Maplewood subdivision.

Kerry Bradford has been working with the city of Trussville since late June to try to find what has been causing the disappearance and death of pets in the subdivision. He said Wednesday there have been no significant updates.

The entrance to the Maplewood subdivision in Trussville
file photo by Gary Lloyd

“There were a couple of pictures of coyotes on cameras that were set out in the area is all we were able to get,” Bradford said.

Maplewood residents in June reported seeing a “large, cat-like animal” in the garden home section of the neighborhood.

Bradford offered tips to neighborhood pet owners last month.

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