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Movie based in Clay nears production completion

By Gary Lloyd

CLAY — A movie based in Clay is expected to complete production in September or October, according to the movie’s producer.

Tom Bhramayana said last week that “Tinker” is expected to be released in mid 2015.

Bhramayana said the movie got started with a pre-production meeting in November 2013 and principal photography began Dec. 28, 2013. 

“Tinker,” a sci-fi drama, stars Clayne Crawford, Christian Kane, Wilmer Calderon, Colt Crawford, Chalet Lizette Brannan, Randy “Tumbleweed” Smith and Caitlyn Smith. Bhramayana is also the co-writer. The director and co-writer is Sonny Marler.

The former Clay City Hall building on Old Springville Road near Clay Elementary School became the production’s base camp. Bhramayana said other locations used during production in Clay are Clayne Crawford’s home, the restaurant at McEnally’s Mercantile, Randy Smith’s home and Chalkville Small Engine.

Grady Lee Jr. (played by Clayne Crawford) is a small country farmer who struggles to keep his Clay farm afloat after a few bad seasons. Traumatized at an early age by the loss of both his mom, at the age of 5, and his father when he was 10, he keeps to himself with a handful of people in his life that truly know him. After finding a hidden journal in his father’s office, he gets the help of his friend Boudreaux (played by Kane), and begins constructing a machine, called Jack, which is based on the designs and research of his father. Not too long after, he finds himself reluctantly taking custody of his stepsister Mary Ann’s 6-year-old child, Kai.

Out of duty, not love, Grady accepts the responsibility. Everyone who meets Kai is drawn to him, except Grady. To him, the kid is a distraction from his regular routine and keeps him from his obsession, completing Jack. Grady would later discover Kai’s unique gifts. Being from the city, Kai is a stranger to nature. For some unknown reason, his mom sent him to a complete stranger’s home in the middle of nowhere. What Kai doesn’t know is, Mary Ann planned this for few years and believes this will be the perfect environment for her son’s ability to mature.

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