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Residents ‘puzzled’ over Highland Avenue project

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — A Trussville resident said Tuesday that people are “puzzled” over the project ongoing on Highland Avenue.

Gerald Glenn said Highland Avenue is currently “not a safe place to be.”

The project entails relocating a drainage ditch, extending a drainage culvert under the road near the Linden Street end of the street, and widening and resurfacing the roadway.

A Trussville historical marker
file photo by Ron Burkett

Glenn said the project appears to be dead. Mayor Gene Melton said the project isn’t dead, that Trussville city workers are performing the work on the project to save money. He said he expects the project to be complete in the next 30 to 45 days, subject to weather.

The original plan was to have the project complete by the time school started. Melton estimated that the project, depending on a possible pipe installation, will total $30,000 at most.

Glenn said the project started in late April or early May and that “people don’t understand” why it’s taking so long. Melton said reasons are that city workers are doing the work, as well as all the other projects going on in the city.

“It does take time,” Melton said.

Highland Avenue closed for one day in June so that work could be done on the road.

In April, the city hired Precision Tree Service for $10,000 to remove the trees along Highland Avenue for the rebuilding of the drainage ditch and road.

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