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Charter Communications experiencing widespread problems

From staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — If you’re experiencing a slow down or outage of Charter Internet service, you aren’t alone.

The nation’s fourth largest cable operator and provider of Internet and phone services locally is having widespread issues across much of the eastern United States.

Customers are posting complaints, including slow service or no service, on the company’s Facebook page at the rate of about dozen per minute. Most posters say they are getting a busy signal when the call to report their issues.

Five calls over a ten minute period from the Tribune staff received a steady business signal.

The few customers who say their calls made it through reported that customer service representatives could not offer a reason for the problems or a timeframe for when they will be corrected.

Charter has not posted on Twitter in the last eight hours and has not posted on Facebook since Friday at 4 p.m. There has been no information provided the company website.

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