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Trussville proclaims Sept. 19 POW/MIA Recognition Day

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council last week approved a proclamation that makes Friday, Sept. 19 POW/MIA Recognition Day.

The proclamation states that on that day, the stark black and white banner that symbolizes America’s missing in action and prisoners of war will be flown over the White House; U.S. Capitol; the departments of State, Defense and Veterans Affairs; the Selective Service System headquarters; and more.

A Trussville historical marker
file photo by Ron Burkett

This will be done as “a solemn reminder of our obligation always to remember the sacrifices made to defend our Nation,” the proclamation states.

The proclamation encourages all municipalities to place black and white ribbons, balloons, wreaths and other symbols on their doors, windows and mailboxes. It also encourages all Alabama citizens to dress in black and white on Sept. 19 as a show of honor and remembrance of America’s missing in action and prisoners of war.

Sept. 19 will be a day of tribute.

“…we stand beside their families, and we honor those who are held captive as prisoners of war, we will never forget their sacrifice, nor will we ever abandon our responsibility to do everything in our power to bring them home.”

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