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Trussville sells itself according to Lee Marlow

By Chris Yow, For The Tribune

TRUSSVILLE – Trussville realtor Lee Marlow didn’t know what she wanted to be when she “grew up”, but sometimes people don’t choose their careers – careers choose them.

img_2926Growing up the daughter of a real estate lawyer and being around realtors for much of her life, the idea of becoming a realtor herself was always in her mind.

“My dad said I had the personality for it, and so I decided to go for it,” Mar-low said.

The decision has proven to be a positive one for her, as she’s consistently been rated among the top realtors in Trussville for eight years in a row.

Marlow’s 13th anniversary of obtaining her license was in August of this year, and she said she now feels like she has found her niche in Trussville.

“I’ve increased my business every year since I began working in real estate,” she said. “I have found a niche here, and Trussville has been very good to me.”

Originally from Huntsville, Marlow said she has found a home here, and loves the community aspect in Trussville.

“I live here, I’ve raised my family here,” she said. “I love this community, and its people.

“When people who are not from here come to me, I love to show them all the great things we have to offer here.”

Of the selling points Marlow uses, she’s quick to say Trussville City Schools seems to be the one thing most homebuyers are ex-cited about.

“Our school system is our best selling feature in Trussville,” she said. “Then when I tell them about everything the community does as well, it’s easy to sell this town.”img_1029

That’s why Marlow has now decided that a portion of every closing she has in Trussville will be donated to the Trussville City Schools foundation.

“I love the work they do in this city,” she said. “I am very passionate about what the foundation does for all of our schools, so I am ex-cited to start this venture to help with funding and awareness.”

Trussville has so many positives, and Marlow does a fantastic job of touting them to prospective home-buyers in the area.

“Being anchored by the Cahaba homesteads gives Trussville a historical aspect, and a small-town feel, but also being close enough to all the amenities of a big city is a big help.”

Marlow said she is the busiest she’s ever been this year, but also said she is careful to only take on the workload she can handle.

She doesn’t use an assistant or team member when she is working for her clients, meaning her clients know who they’re talking to when she picks up the phone.

“I’ve been very cautious as to how much I take on at one time,” she said. “I want to provide the best service I can to my clients.

“My dad always taught me that your reputation is everything, and I have worked hard to maintain that.”

Marlow’s reputation, along with the city of Trussville’s has been an important aspect in her success.

“I can’t wait to see our community grow,” she said. “I’ve seen Trussville change a lot, and I can’t wait to see it continue.”



  1. Bob Greene says:

    Outstanding story for a very deserving professional and a terrific friend!
    Congratulations on the recognition, Lee!

  2. Lee Marlow says:

    Thanks so much! Proud to have you as a business partner!

  3. Congrats Lee Marlow!!!

  4. So very proud to call this amazing person, Lee Lee Marlow, my friend. So proud of all your accomplishments and all you do for this community.

  5. Lee, you truly found what God called you to do in life! You are an amazing mommy, wife, friend, and realtor. We love you bunches and am so thankful that we had you beside us through all 3 houses! ❤️

  6. Lee Marlow says:

    Thank you Jaime- I couldn’t do what i do without loyal clients and friends like you guys! Love you all so much! ❤️

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