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Veterans, Trussville near to Burns’ heart

By Chris Yow, For The Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — When Linda Burns’ oldest son joined the military in 2001, she wanted to find a way to support him and the country’s veterans. That’s when she decided to start the yellow ribbon program, and the program is still thriving today in Trussville.

“I started the yellow ribbon campaign for the soldiers and veterans when my son was deployed to Iraq. That program is still going through Rotary,” Burns said. “I was very involved in helping the military when my son joined in 2001.”

Being a part of the Trussville community for 25 years, Burns has seen all three of her kids go through the school system, and she continues to sell the system to her clients as a feature of living in the Trussville community.

“We have such a wonderful school system. I see a lot of people wanting to come here for our schools and community,” she said.

The community she knew 25 years ago when she and her husband moved from Colorado isn’t quite the same as it is today, but Burns said the growth is a positive for the city.

“I can only believe Trussville is going to grow. No matter how much we’ve grown, it still has a small-town feel,” she said. “I feel like we’re not such a booming metropolis that people won’t give you the time of day. There is a kindness and friendliness here in Trussville. I think we now have the amenities that allow us to sell this place even more.”

Burns specializes in relocations, and many clients who are looking for a place to call home are searching for a town just like Trussville.

“The people who come to look at Trussville, they want those amenities. It is a huge selling feature. They love the schools and the small-town feel, but also having plenty of places to shop.”

Following college, where Burns graduated from Alabama with a degree in communications — specializing in public relations and advertising, she and her husband, who is a financial advisor for Wells Fargo, were relocated. They began buying rental properties and investing in real estate. After being transferred to Colorado, the couple bought a ranch that their daughter and her family still runs today as a guest ranch. Their move to Trussville 25 years ago, however, was their last move, and from that moment on Burns has been a multi-million dollar producer in the business.

“I’ve never had a bad year,” she said. “Even in the down market, I got creative with foreclosures.

“The secret to my success or what has allowed me to be successful in this business is hard work, loyalty, persistence and work ethic. I am very blessed with great support from my family and friends,” she said.

Burns is currently on the Board of Directors with the Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce and is a member and past president of the Trussville Rotary Club. She and her husband are members of First Baptist Church Trussville.

Burns said she is happy to call Trussville home.

“I’m always amazed and grateful for the wonderful people in Trussville and their willingness to help. I’ve lived in Colorado, Atlanta, Chattanooga among other places. I think this city is special,” she said.

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