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Letter to the editor: Educator ‘disturbed’ by op-ed suggesting there is no Muslim ban

To the editor,

I was disturbed by the sentiments expressed in your editorial entitled “There is no Muslim ban.” I don’t want to argue with the title of your article but instead with the sentiments expressed about the “Chicken Little crowd”–”wetting their pants” over President Trump’s executive order.

Letter to the EditorAs a teacher in this community and a longtime resident, I’m disturbed by your disdain toward people whose views differ from yours and found the end of your piece insulting and condescending.

Op-Ed: There is no Muslim ban


I am one of those people you’re talking about who’s worried that the temporary ban may turn into something more sinister. So are many of my friends in this community. After your article was published I received texts from former students who recalled how their educators taught them about research, seeing the other side, compassion, and cool-headedness. These successful, sweet students lamented that what we teach them isn’t valued in our own local newspaper.

I’m asking you to examine how your editorial might make the Muslim members of our community feel and rethink your rhetoric in the future. You can use your platform to express an opinion without denigrating the opinions of others.



Lacey deShazo


  1. Aaron Lyons says:

    Kudos to Trussville Tribune for publishing dissenting view in light of recent event today in Paris. Coincidence or planned? I always dismiss coincidences until proven other wise..

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