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Slag Heap Brewing Company’s request to locate in downtown Trussville approved by Planning and Zoning

From Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — Joe Meadows of Slag Heap Brewing Company was seeking a conditional use application for 227 Main Street, better known for its original use as the old ice plant, Monday night. His plan is to construct a craft beer brewery in downtown Trussville.

Despite a few concerns, the measure passed unanimously to send the recommendation of approval to the city council with a unanimous vote. The final decision now lies in the hands of the city council, who will likely vote on the matter Tuesday.

Among the concerns raised by the board was there would be no food available for purchase.

Meadows said much like other local tap rooms, he would not serve food, but would allow his patrons to bring food into the establishment.

Additionally, the proposed outdoor seating area was an issue.

Meadows expressed reservations about the outdoor seating as shown in the drawings because of the proximity to Main Street. He said he was considering moving the outdoor seating behind the building.

While board members generally liked the idea of outdoor seating, the area in the rear raised concerns of whether the brewery staff could properly monitor that area if it wasn’t in a contained enclosure.

The board provided in the condition of approval that it would like to prevent any outdoor seating.

Meadows said he is currently in the process of going through all the steps involved, and there is now one less hoop to jump through after this.

Trussville Mayor Buddy Choat told the Tribune he was excited about the prospect of this company locating in downtown Trussville.

“This is an important part of a much bigger vision for shops, restaurants, and entertainment in our downtown area,” Choat said.

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