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Two new food options added to Homestead Village shopping center

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE –The line up for food options appears to be set for Homestead Village with the total choices growing to five eateries.

Joining the previously announced Panera Bread, Jimmy John’s and Zoe’s Kitchen will be Frios Gourmet Pops and the fast casual restaurant Ironstone Pizza Works. The shopping center is expected to be fully open this spring.

According to their website, Frios Gourmet Popsis based in Gadsden and develops relationships with local farmers and mom-and-pop suppliers to source their fresh ingredients.

“Our flavors are as unique as our eclectic personalities and we are passionate about our work,” the website touts. “We hope you will come by one of our locations and find out why everyone is talking about Frios.”

Frios products are sole in 24 locations throughout Alabama and Mississippi.

Ironstone Pizza Works opened their first location in Vestavia, pictured here.
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Ironstone Pizza Works opened their first location in the Vestavia Hills City Center last August. Just eight months later they’re planning their second location in Trussville.

According to the Vestavia Voice, Ironstone “is a design-your-own pizza concept, where customers can build their own pizza from the dough up with seemingly unlimited combinations of ingredients.”

“What we were going for was, we want to give you a very affordable experience, but it feels upscale; it’s warm; it’s very comfortable,” owner Bill McPherson told the Vestavia Voice. “We wanted you to feel like you are getting a better experience for a similar price point.”


  1. Vivian Di Bona Hults

  2. About time trussville finally got some other dining options….!

  3. Surprise – another pizza place

  4. Need a Steak & Shake out here.

  5. We need Newk’s! And a Saw’s BBQ!

  6. This pizza restaurant seems different than the ones we currently have, so I am excited about this one. I love the “make your own” pizzas!

  7. I hope this pizza place is similar to Slice or even Pieology. We have enough old school pizza restaurants in Trussville but I would be happy to see something similar to either of the 2 I mentioned.

  8. Pizza places are like auto shops in Tville, ugh!

  9. Lee Marlow says:

    Great to see business’s want to open in Trussville- I hope they will be welcomed!

  10. What happened to Chicken Salad Chick?

  11. Problem is that there are too manyTrussvillians who judge before they try to give anyone a chance who isn’t from here. Businesses and other included

  12. Kayla Thomas says:

    Is Panera bread still coming to homestead village

  13. We’re not sure what you mean? Can you clarify?

  14. You can see the full line-up by clicking the story link above.

  15. It’s exciting to see continued and growing business interest in Trussville, but I would love to see a higher end, “white tablecloth” kind of restaurant open here. Rather than having to go to downtown Birmingham for dinner at Cafe du Pont, or Highlands, or Hot and Hot, it would be nice to have such an option here. We have plenty of “Ruby Tuesday” types of venues. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think an upper scale alternative would be do well here.

  16. I had read that it was confirmed by someone FROM Chicken Salad Chick that there would be one located there.

  17. I do not care to take a two hour dinner! 🙂

  18. The developer has never mentioned that particular business for this development. If you have a link to the story, we’ll be happy to look into the situation.

  19. I thought I read it in a comment on your site.

  20. No, sorry, it wasn’t in The Tribune. But we’ll inquire if Trussville is in their plans.

  21. Trussvillians. 😂 I’m graduated from Vestavia, and I dare say the “clicks” are worse out here, but in a different way. More in a “we don’t want growth because we don’t understand what this will do for our property value” kind of way. It’s hilarious, to say the least. Not used to the small town mentality.

  22. …don’t play with me! 😂

  23. Good options, but was really hoping for Edgar’s. We need a good bakery!

  24. Newk’s would be nice. Not enough deli options around, although Panera will be good.

  25. That would be great. I would prefer it to Zoe’s.

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