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Pinson man guilty in violent double murder, suspects from Remlap, Cleveland await trial

BLOUNT COUNTY —The first of three suspects in the violent and murderous night that left a Blount County couple beaten, shot and dead in their home has been convicted in the double murder. His two alleged accomplices await trial.


On Friday, a Blount County jury found Paul Mason Trull, 20, of Pinson, guilty of  two counts of felony murder, first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery, two counts of first-degree theft, and a single count of second-degree theft in the deaths of Gary “Sambo” Hazelrig, and Breann Sherrer.

Haezelrig was the son of longtime Blount County school superintendent Joe Mack Hazelrig and Sherrer was the sister of former University of Alabama football player Kevin Sherrer.

The couple had been beaten and shot to death in their home at 1296 Deavers Town Road in September of 2015. Items were also stolen from the home.

Trull could face up to 99 years in several of the counts for which he was convicted.

On Sepember 29 of 2015, prosecutors with the Blount County District Attorney’s office indicted three men, William Lane Bosner, then 20, of Cleveland, Michael Cody Dooley, then 32, of Remlap, and Trull, then 18, of Pinson, for their involvement in the shotgun murders of the Blount County couple found two weeks earlier.


Dooley and Bosner also face nine different charges, including capital murder, in both victims’ deaths.

According to prosecutors, Dooley voluntarily came to the sheriff’s office, along with his girlfriend and initially denied any involvement in the deaths.

After speaking with Dooley’s girlfriend, investigators then spoke with Dooley again. At that time, he admitted involvement and told authorities where a 4-wheeler stolen from the victims could be found.

Deputies recovered the 4-wheeler and a silver Dodge truck Dooley said was used to transport the ATV. Dooley then led investigators to missing phones and weapons possibly used in the killings, an affidavit alleged.


Authorities then searched the home where Bosner was staying in Birmingham. Police searched the home and recovered a cell phone and shotgun shells, along with a wooden box with knives, a bat and a shotgun.

The affidavit also said Trull was confronted with the items Dooley led investigators to, and he confessed to his involvement. Trull told investigators the men were holding the victims hostage while robbing the home and Bosner shot the couple during a struggle.


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