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Clay resident and cancer-survivor publishes third book

By Chris Yow

Davis Campbell began writing as a way to cope. A two-time cancer survivor, Campbell authored his first book about the journey he took.

“After I had bladder cancer in 2004, I underwent major surgery and lifestyle changes,” he said.

Following chemotherapy in 2006 after cancer was re-discovered in his lymph nodes, he published “A Place I Didn’t Want To Go – My Victory Over Cancer”.

The book talked about what it’s like to be a healthy person and then go through all of the trials cancer can put a person through.

“The reason I wrote my first book – I thought – was to help other people,” Campbell said. “What I realized, though, is while I was trying to help others, I was ministering to myself. It helped me to be more clear in my thinking.”

A nurse practioner by trade, Campbell has continued to write, publishing three books. The latest being “Bullet Points: Absolute Essentials For Facing A Fallen World”.

“I was reading Romans 12 and noticed something very interesting,” he said. “Paul gives instruction after talking about major doctrine. He gives some very brief instruction – or bullet points – that he wants the reader to remember.”

Though his first two bookss dealt with his journey through sickness, this book is different.

” This book has nothing to do with my sickness. This talks about how to overcome situations in life and this world we live in,” Campbell said.

He defines this as a commentary on Romans 12:9-21, where he believes Paul was giving instruction to the church at Rome, much like a mother gives instruction to a child.

“I cannot compete with the Bible,” he said. ‘The Bible is the most important instruction booklet on life. But if you’re unsure how to respond to others or what your attitude should be toward yourself, this book could be helpful.”

In fact, Campbell likened some of the bullet points mentioned to that of old American Express commercials.
“You just can’t leave home without these instructions,” he said.

To purchase a copy of the book, readers can contact Davis by email Books are $10, though Campbell said he has no issue with donating a book to someone who does not have the resources to purchase one.

“The purpose of my writing is never about money,” he said. “This is about ministry.”

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