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Trussville craft beer brewery receives fed approval, first beer headed for store shelves

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE –In less than 90 days since the Trussville city council approved zoning changes to allow the Slag Heap Brewing Company to locate on Main Street downtown, the proposed brewery has received approval from Department of Treasury, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and the Trade Bureau for their brewer’s notice.

Slag Heap’s Joe Meadows said the process normally takes four to five months, but the notice was granted in two months.

“Next step is approval of our brewer’s bond and we are ready to brew,” Meadows said via social media. “There is light at the end of the tunnel or should I say tasty suds.”

Slag Heap Brewing Company

The good news for Trussville’s first proposed brewery didn’t stop there. Slag Heap will soon have their first beer on store shelves and available for retail purchase.

Slag Heap’s Weizenbock has been one of the brewery’s most popular beers in craft beer tasting competitions across the country. In April, the beer took first place at the Masters of the Brewuniverse competition in Huntsville.

Part of the first place prize included having the beer brewed for retail sale.

“The guys at Straight to Ales Brewery in Huntsville will be brewing a limited release of the “Weez” as part of the first prize package,” Meadows said on Friday. “What an awesome day spending time with Bob and his brewing staff doing recipe formulation.”

The beer is scheduled to brew in the next two weeks. Retail locations will be announced soon.

The brewery will be located in the former ice house building at the corner of Main Street and Morrow Avenue.


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    EJ Hardin Shane McRay

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  3. i’m so excited!!!

  4. Shelby Long; Kasey Owen

  5. Ross Williams, Stacy Williams

  6. John Keyes Does Hoover have a brewery?

  7. Randy Mealer says:

    trussville needs more alcohol related deaths and revenue

  8. That’s awesome! Good for Slagheap!

  9. Great more nasty craft beer! Really needed to add some drunks to that horrible traffic!

  10. Bc there is a direct correlation between craft breweries and alcohol related deaths.

  11. Well considering you would see more people going to the place after work for a drink then leaving after a couple, I don’t think there will be more people on the road during high traffic time. If anything it will probably get a few more cars off the road during the time.

  12. Ted Green of course after we move…

  13. I’m a beer snob and their beer is seriously the real deal.

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