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Masons have been cooking 4th of July BBQ for 71 years

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE –Thursday morning, Marty Adams lit the barbecue pit on Beechnut Street and renewed one of Trussville’s oldest traditions. For the 71st year, members of the Georgiana Davis Masonic Lodge have prepared Boston Butts, ribs and BBQ plates for the community.

Whole Boston Butts will be available for $30 on Monday until 5 p.m. or until they’re gone.

The Mason’s began the 4th of July tradition in 1946 cooking on open pits on the mall. They eventually built a permanent pit behind the library which remained in use until they built the current pit behind their lodge on Beechnut Street.

Photos contributed by Walt Bowers


  1. Dora Bell says:

    Great and good

  2. Bill Dooley says:

    Centerpoint lodge on Chalkville mt makes the best we will be there tomorrow

  3. I saw a picture once of them cooking over a long trench on the mall

  4. This post brings back so many memories. So many of the Stone men, as well as many more of my uncles and cousins, spent many hours working this BBQ. Most of them have now passed on, including Daddy. I hope some of you have some good memories of them. They all so believed in what they did.

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