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Firearms, 700 ecstasy tablets seized during Trussville search warrant

Special to the Tribune  

Trussville Police on Friday executed a search warrant on Annetta Circle in Trussville.

Ray Jenkins II

Ray Jenkins II was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.  Trafficking charges are also pending.

Four firearms, approximately 700 ecstasy tablets, and marijuana were seized from the residence.

Jenkins’ bond is set at $5300.


  1. Jenkins’ bond is set at $5300?? Give me a break!

  2. Leave trussville alone

  3. If he had that many guns and drugs, I don’t think $5300 will be much of an issue for him. But at least that was taken out of circulation!

  4. Gwen Lackey says:

    Probably gonna let them pay it off like the ones last week, they let go

  5. What a joke. Police do their job and the court system puts them right back out. Probably be arrested again before his court date.

  6. That was exactly my thought. He’ll be out by dark. What is the point?

  7. I would think that a $5300 bond is kinda light for that type of criminal arrest. Make it harder on these thugs to go free….

  8. Can i buy that shotgun?

  9. Maybe it’s $5300 because it’s his first arrest. You trussville people cry about everything.

  10. When your family member dies of an overdose. Thank this thug! Judge, better get mean because the next overdose may be a family member. Stop letting them off so easy!!!!

  11. Yeah I haven’t heard of many ecstasy overdoses lately

  12. Where there is ecstasy others will be soon, like meth, oxcy, or worse.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the work of our PD, I just wish it was a little more of a challenge for people who choose that as a side job or profession.

  14. Jill Hunter Westerlund

  15. Mike Jay says:

    No, not Trussville, I thought this was one the safest city in Alabama

  16. Gerald Hicks says:

    Statistics indicate it is one of the safest cities.

  17. Mike Jay says:

    And it is 10 miles away from the worst city in Alabama …who did the survey

  18. Is that how your guy does it, Elliene Jackson? Sounds like you know first hand.

  19. Gerald Hicks can you provide those statistics, or a report backing the cliam. I genuinely would like to see that… one of the safest out of how many, 50,000?

  20. Joey Blalock says:

    If the trafficking warrant goes down then he will be rearrested and bond will then be 6 figures

  21. $5300., What a joke.

  22. Tim Glass says:

    Just another day in the toe

  23. Don Radner says:

    Hey look a little stick man with tats. He looks and sounds bad.

  24. Glad to finally know what was going on up the street from my family.

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