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Rainfall causes problems in Center Point, other parts of Jefferson County

By David Lazenby


CENTER POINT — Severe rain Wednesday afternoon created extra work for the Center Point Fire District and other area rescue officials.

The Center Point Fire District was dispatched today to assist motorists affected by flash flooding.

One task the CPFD handled was assisting two motorists who got stuck while attempting to drive through standing water.

“Basically they drove into water and got their engines flooded out,” Capt. Brandon Self said.

The motorist who required assistance were driving along  Sweeney Hollow Road in Center Point. Self said the road is in an area notorious for flash floods during — and after — torrential storms.

Flash floods were also reported Wednesday in Fultondale, Tarrant, Birmingham and other surrounding communities.

The National Weather Service reported 2-3 inches of rain fell in parts of the Greater Birmingham area Wednesday.

Sweeney Hollow Road in Center Point is not the only area in the fire district’s  70-square mile coverage area where heavy rainfall often creates issues.

“Pinson used to flood real bad,” Self said.

The fire captain added that firefighters in his district usually assist motorists stranded because of flash flooding a few times a year.

Firefighters got the call to assist the motorists Wednesday around 1:23 p.m. Self said a wrecker was called out to tow the vehicles. However, Self said he was not sure of the vehicles’ makes or models. Generally,  he said drivers of larger vehicles have less trouble getting through standing water than smaller ones.

The standing water was not the only complication Center Point authorities had to deal with Wednesday as a result of the inclement weather.

“We’ve had a couple of trees fall on (power) lines,” Self said.

It is not known how many Alabama Power customers in the area lost electricity Wednesday . A message left for Alabama Power’s media communications department was not returned prior to publication of this report.

Self said the Palmerdale Fire District, which the northernmost portion of Pinson, received a report of woods on fire Wednesday . Self said he believed this was caused by a transformer that touched a downed limb. Authorities with the PFD could not be reached for comment.







  1. Mike Johnson says:

    I certainly do not mean to make light of the misfortune of those affected by these floods but aren’t people in Jefferson County paying for a $4 billion sewer system (plus interest)? I would think for that kind of coin they should have a sewer system that could make sure these floods don’t happen. I think they need a refund.

  2. There’s a difference in sewer & storm sewer. Not defending the sewer system in any way.

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    April Fendley I guess if rains hard enough, fast enough it’s gonna happen.

  4. It’s ridiculous. I live in Hoover now and the storm system shoots water back out in certain areas. This time and a few weeks ago, the storm system in Pets Smart on Lorna/hwy31 shoots water up like a fire hydrant, flooding the parking lot. I saw a picture of another spot in Hoover doing the same thing where all the flooding was near the bowling ally.

  5. Mike Johnson you are correct. I’m not defending any particular city or sewer system, but when that amount of rain falls in a such a short amount of time any location can have flash flooding.

  6. Tonya Hardin Yarchak Hoover doesn’t have a bowling alley. Are you referring to the bowling alley in Vestavia?

  7. Vickie Davis says:

    Vestavia bowling alley

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