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Gun range neighbors take fire at facility’s noise

By David Lazenby

TRUSSVILLE ­­—About a dozen city residents who live near an indoor firing range on Tuesday expressed their displeasure with noise coming from Sheepdog Firearms.

Susan Weber, a resident of The Crossing at Deerfootspeaks tonight at a Trussville City Council meeting about her displeasure with noise from a nearby indoor gun range. Weber, who is a real estate professional, said the noise has made selling homes in the Trussville neighborhood difficult.

Susan Weber, a resident of a nearby neighborhood who sells real estate for Cahaba Real Estate, said blasts from the gun range located on Deerfoot Parkway has not only made life for her and other nearby residents intolerable, but has also made local homes unsellable.

“They’re not selling,” she said about houses ta The Crossing at Deerfoot, an upscale neighborhood near the indoor shooting range. “And for me … that’s my paycheck. It’s upsetting.”

Weber is not alone in her alarm. “I’m concerned about our home values,” said Eric Oare, a resident of The Crossing at Deerfoot. “If you’re standing there and you’re trying to sell your house and you hear gunshots as loud as they can be, I would not want to move in there.”

Weber said she tested the noise and found that the gunshots registered about 74-78 decibels. She said normal conversation usually is approximately 65 decibels loud.

“Imagine if you or I are just sitting here talking side by side and these gun noises are louder than our conversation,” she said.

Another neighbor, Joe Waite, pointed out this sound measurement may be much worse after the fall. “You’ve got to remember that’s with all the trees and leaves on there. Can you imagine what’s it’s going to be like when all the leaves fall off and there’s a clear path?”

Charles Kessler, a real estate developer and broker in the neighborhood who had his attorney present with him Tuesday, backed up Weber’s words. Kessler said he expects there to be million in homes in the neighborhood by the time its development is completed.

“Our sales have stopped. We know we lost one contract. I’ve got two builders … and they’re refusing to buy them because of the noise. It is that bad,” he said.

Others at the meeting said the noise makes it difficult to enjoy being outside. Some said they can also hear the gunfire from inside their homes, including Jamie Stennis who said her home is as far away from the shooting range as anyone else in the neighborhood. “I’m a good distance from it and it can still be heard,” she said.

A handful said the racket has also had a negative affect on their dogs’ behavior.

Councilors said they agree with the dissenting neighbors opinion that the noise can not stand.
Mayor Buddy Choat said he has been working for several weeks with owners of the business that opened in May in order to come up with a workable solution.

“We as a city have been trying to allow them to work this out,” Choat said at Tuesday’s meeting.
He also cited city council minutes from April 14, 2015 when plans for the indoor shooting range were discussed. Choat said the minutes state “We were assured it would be soundproof.”

Michael Lombardo, one of the owners of Sheepdog Firearms, told council members after the meeting that he and his partners are committed to solving the problem with the noise.

“We are adamantly working on figuring this problem out,” Lombardo said. “We want everyone to be happy with us.”
However, a few Crossing at Deerfoot residents said they got a different response when they spoke to one of the indoor shooting range owners, whom they did not name.

Brooke Cremers, a neighborhood resident, and Weber said that when they complained to a Sheepdog Firearms owner, they were told their expectations regarding noise from the facility was unreasonable.

Choat said engineers have come out to the facility and given estimates for fixing the problem, one of which he said would cost about 0,000.


  1. Nick Smith says:

    Gun ranges are loud? That’s weird

  2. Jana Wright says:

    Well I didn’t see this coming from a MILE away.

  3. This is rediculous, I have been there 5 times talking to owners and shooting going on in both ranges and could hear conversation fine. This is all bull. I hear nothing outside. This is the most modern facility ever visited. There are NO nearby hoses I can see, who’s griping, millineals? Please! I hope Buddy goes there to see for himself.

  4. River Farley says:

    Take peace in knowing that responsible firearms owners are shooting in a safe facility and not shooting at you. I for one find gunfire to be soothing.

  5. PS, beats shooting in the back yard!!!

  6. Great facility, great owners, I will be going there lots more.

  7. Hopefully I can go disturb some of the neighbors soon

  8. Jeff Odeneal, we need to go see this place when I get back! I’m ready to shoot some guns!

  9. Ryan Zargo says:

    Think I might visit sheepdog and join in on the fun.

    Sounds like some butt hurt lefties live near by.

  10. I can barely hear it outside of the building when standing in the parking lot.

  11. Scott Key says:

    I can hear the train in Trussville from my house in Clay but I can’t hear the gun range over the hill. Odd

  12. Shoot, drop the prices of the homes she’s selling and I’ll buy a house, no problem lol!!! We hear the shooting facility on 11 all the time.

  13. Tim McKee says:

    Bet that they can hear the traffic on the interstate from their houses, too. Address that.

  14. Tom Steber says:

    Lived here 6weeks or so and have yet to hear a single round fired. Not saying others don’t , but we haven’t.

  15. Paige Letts says:

    You knew the range was there when you moved in, if you have a noise issue then you should have bought a house somewhere else.

  16. Great owners great place sounds like I might have to go visit this loud place lol shoot off few loud rounds

  17. I believe the decibels are exaggerated!!

  18. Russ Ames says:

    They moved near it…i don’t see the problem!

  19. No surprise here…
    Complaints PRIOR to construction of Sheepdog may have been more effective.
    Some people have too much time on their hands.

  20. Tim Glass says:

    I’m not sure this is credible

  21. Neal Miller says:

    Jameshia Miller should’ve known this was going to happen. Smh

  22. Blane Scott says:

    The range has only been open a month or so

  23. Some people have nothing but time on their hands to complain… I live less than a mile from the range and have NEVER heard a single thing. I’m all for having a place that teaches gun safety and safe shooting!!!

  24. Dennis Gray says:

    I call B.S. on this.
    I was standing in the parking lot during the Grand Opening on Memorial Day weekend and with every lane booked, you could still have a normal conversation without even raising your voice.
    Hearings were held. Permits were secured. Tax revenue is flowing. It’s a little late to be complaining now. Maybe if Sheepdog offered some lane time or a membership to the ‘affected’ parties, it would smooth things over. Just a thought.

  25. David Rice says:

    This is completely false story. .just looking for a lawsuit. .you can barely hear anything by the wall in the parking lot

  26. Johnny Walker or maybe their real estate agent (who might I add works her butt off to get those “overpriced” fees) has lived there well before there was ever talk of a gun range. PS you have zero influence when you hide behind a facebook profile with none of your information. You could live across the country for all we know. Why don’t you go be rude and knock on someone’s means of providing for their family somewhere else.

  27. Angela Hager says:

    My bet is that every single complainer is anti-gun. I can hear shots being fired at our local (outdoor) range here in Hoover, and it doesn’t bother me at all. Stand strong, Sheepdog.

  28. I am a resident in the neighborhood and Mayor Choat has been to my house and heard first hand how loud the range is.

  29. Just gonna say… if you don’t live in the crossings at deerfoot, you have no credibility to say that the people who live there can’t hear anything.

  30. Paul McClain says:

    The noise from cars & trucks on Deerfoot make more noise.

  31. We have had many conversations in the parking lot and never had to raise our voices. I’m more concerned about the gunfire I hear in my yard on the Chalkville end of Clay coming out of Center Point.

    Proud members of Sheepdog!!!! Y’all come check it out. Well built and great service!!!

  32. When Trussville approved the permits we were assured the indoor range would be soundproof and it would not be heard outside the building. All the neighbors are asking is that promise be kept. I live in the neighborhood and it is very loud.

  33. I guarantee they can hear the interstate too! They don’t seem to complain about that! I’ve been in the parking lot and I’ve not heard a shot coming from the inside. Sour grapes.

  34. Allen Long says:

    I hear gun shots out here in Chalkville occasionally and it’s not from any gun range. It’s the local young people expressing themselves.

  35. The train doesn’t seem to stop Stockton, Carrington and the Springs from selling. The train coming through wearing out the horn is much louder than a few gunshots from inside a facility, doesn’t seem to stop them or see them complaining.

  36. Chad Cox says:

    Do you live there?

  37. Dennis Gray says:

    FB page says she currently resides in Maryland. What was that about ‘credibility’?

  38. No ma’am. You are not correct. I live in the neighborhood and it is awful. Just to be perfectly clear, when Trussville approved SheepDog to build there by our neighborhood SheepDog committed to it being sound proof. I can hear it inside my house it is that loud. All we asked was the city make sure that SheepDog honors their commitment/promise.

  39. I think that is a perfectly reasonable request

  40. She grew up in the neighborhood and her family still lives there (as do I). So yes, she is credible. But more to her point, all the negative comments are coming from people who DON’T live in the neighborhood. So if you don’t live there with the problem day in and day out, don’t tell us it’s not a big deal. It IS a big deal when you can hear gunshots from the range inside your home.

  41. Don’t understand how you can hear it but I couldn’t next to the building

  42. Chad Cox says:

    Dennis Gray …lol yep… isn’t that interesting, someone that doesn’t even live in the state telling the local people who can and can’t complain. Hypocrisy at its best..

  43. Crystalyn, just to be clear, when you buy a home there are things you sign up for and things you don’t. In this case the neighborhood was there first. In order to build where they did SheepDog made a promise that it would be sound proof and no gunshots would be heard outside the facility. As a neighborhood we are simply asking for them to keep that promise which they have not.

  44. LOL all I said is that if you don’t live in the neighborhood then how do you know that the people that live there can’t hear it? Also, as Brooke said, I literally lived there my whole life up until less than a year ago and my parents still do.

  45. Brooke Hill Cremers – don’t waste your time here. Not worth your energy.

  46. Chad Cox & Dennis Gray. She grew up in the Crossings at Deerfoot, as in she just moved away, she knows first hand. Her career took her to a new place. It’s ok, you don’t know her lol, she is a local 😃

  47. I know 😩 I can’t seem to help myself. It is really quite simple. SheepDog made a promise and now we want to make sure that promise is done in a timely fashion. I don’t understand what is so awful about expecting people to honor their commitments.

  48. Brooke Hill Cremers – you don’t have to justify your stance to anyone until they are stroking a check for your mortgage payment.

  49. Chad Cox says:

    Savannah Brown oh, thought you could hear the gunfire from Maryland or something. So if I understand this right you moved away before the business opened? So do you know who lives in this subdivision or not since you live out of state from the people commenting? I’m not saying there’s not a problem out here but from your comments I thought you was on something like the city board or maybe you are in Maryland. The train wakes me up at night, I think I’ll call Norfolk and see if they’ll stop blowing the whistle. It really gets on my nerves. I bet the woman in that pic is your mother isn’t she.

  50. Well, at my home we hear the shooting range on hwy 11 where the police officers shoot outdoors. Does it bother us ? No. Does it keep homes from selling? No. Maybe it’s the OUTRAGEOUS prices of the homes that are keeping them from selling just my opinion.

  51. Amy Bailey says:

    Buy some ear plugs Lady! I used to own the first house on the right in Maplewood. I heard traffic on Hwy 11 daily. Loved it! It meant people were alive! I heard the train. If I used my Softball arm from playing right field for South Roebuck, I could throw a rock & hit the tracks. You want people to have a gun range. It’s our 2nd Amendment right to practice using a firearm. Ear plugs are your least expensive way to solve your issue with noise. Go shopping at Wal-Mart.

  52. It’s only been open since May, the neighborhood has been there for years.

  53. Russ Ames says:

    I must be thinking of a different range…where is this one located

  54. A link is at the bottom of the story that is one example of the noise. It is all day every day which is what makes it unacceptable. We are glad to have Sheepdog in Trussville and and hope the business thrives. The only thing we are looking for is to have the noise issue dealt with.

  55. Eddie Waine says:

    Phyllis DeGrado yeah not 2nd amendment peeps

  56. Phyllis Degrado- you don’t live there. Going a few times and you not being able to hear it means nothing. You don’t know. I’ll be happy to send you videos and recordings. This is also not a 2nd amendment issue. There are many gun enthusiasts in the neighborhood. When someone makes you a promise do you expect them to keep it? I do. That’s all this is. No more, no less

  57. Kathy Sills says:

    Be glad u dont live by police shooting range

  58. That’s the sound of freedom

  59. Go out in the country for a bit and see if it’s any better 🙂

  60. Andy Hyde says:

    Boo hoo. Earplugs

  61. I work by the one on hwy11
    Sounds like a civil war

  62. Yes the gun range on Highway 11 belongs to Birmingham and before the gun range on Deerfoot Trussville shared a gun range with Irondale on Ruffner Road

  63. Kathy Sills says:

    Lololol…i go to cemetery where my parents are buried…every time i think i have been shot…ha

  64. Kate Jenkins says:

    I think many of you all are missing the point which is sad considering many of you are middle aged adults. Let me break it down for you.

    1. The neighborhood was there first. Their wishes are to be respected.
    2. The shooting range assured them that there would be no sound coming from their facility. That promise should be kept just like any other promise.
    3. The Deerfoot Crossings community is one built around friendship and fellowship. With that said, both the kids and the parents spend a great deal outside with each other doing different activities, and gunshots aren’t the ideal background noise.
    4. Your personal opinion does not matter if you do not live in the community of Deerfoot Crossings.

  65. Amen, Kate Jenkins!! Very well said!! Thank you!

  66. Adam Wiggins says:

    What’s the bigger shocker? The fact a gun range is loud or that some snowflakes are complaining.

  67. Good thing they don’t live in Center Point. Gun shots louder than 74 decibels 24 hours a day.

  68. Kate Jenkins says:

    Here in Trussville gunshots aren’t the typical background noise, and frankly I don’t think anyone in this community would like for them to be.

  69. I am a gun enthusiast AND also a resident at the Crossing at Deerfoot! I can assure you that I am no snowflake or millennial. I have lived in this neighborhood for 8 years….trust me, you can hear the shots and it is annoying! My husband and I were and ARE very excited to have Sheepdog as neighbors and look forward to using the facility when the noise issue is resolved. We have visited Hoover Tactile as well as a facility in Meridian, MS. They do not have the noise issues that Sheepdog is currently experiencing. Sheepdog assured the city that NO noise would be heard after completion of the project and has admitted that there is some issue (possibly through the ventilation system) that is contributing to the excessive noise. As neighbors, we are confident that Sheepdog will address the issue and resolve it. However, we felt it was important that the city council realize that there is an issue which needs to be resolved. For those of you who are getting on this feed and attacking the neighbors and saying “oh, they are snowflakes…you can’t hear anything…they are anti-gun!” You don’t know what you’re talking about!! Come on over to my house for lunch on Saturday…I can show you my gun collection AND you can sit on my back porch and listen to the gunfire….and the sounds of the dogs howling from it!! Love guns, looking forward to using the facility and getting some practice in….don’t want to hear it during my family barbecues!

  70. Really???? This subdivision is directly in the landing path for the airport. The planes produce higher levels of no use and higher degree of danger.

  71. The bottom line is this….we were assured we wouldn’t hear gunshots…we hear gunshots! I’m sure it will be resolved. We aren’t SNOWFLAKES. I look forward to using the facility once the issue has been resolved.

  72. Exactly why I didn’t buy in Center Point!

  73. Exactly!!! Thank you Kate Jenkins!

  74. And the train on the RR tracks that run through Trussville!

  75. Obviously you don’t know what your talking about. The whole idea behind a indoor gun range is that the noise will not be heard outside. As for assuming that everyone complaining is a snowflake just assures me of your ignorance.

  76. You cannot compare random planes with continuous gunfire.

  77. 😁smart and beautiful! Well said Kate Jenkins!

  78. Kate Jenkins says:

    This has no correlation to this situation. Many of the neighborhoods were built AFTER the railroad tracks were already laid.

  79. Exactly Kate Jenkins, these people do no understand that this is completely different.

  80. Kelli Penque says:

    …which is why I don’t live in Center Point? Which is why I pay to live somewhere more upscale and safe?

  81. Kelli Penque says:

    I rarely hear planes flying overhead. An occasional airplane is entirely different than multiple rounds of gunfire

  82. I think before you start “griping” or trying to blame millennials you may want to learn how to spell it correctly… thats just ridiculous, or if you’re spelling it then it’s “rediculous”.

  83. Eric Oare says:

    I think this is hilarious. It’s the lack of knowledge that makes people who think they’re smart and know it all sound so ignorant. The railroad being near houses on highway 11 is actually factored into the cost of living actually decreasing the property value just like living right on an interstate. The railroad has been there for many years unlike the gun range which can decrease property value in the Deerfoot subdivision which hurts the people who already own houses there and hurts the property value of the neighborhood. People choose to live in a suburb of Birmingham, where gun shots typically aren’t heard all day everyday in Trussville. You can choose to live in the country and hear gun sounds if you want to. I have been to the gun range and love shooting there, but the noise is a lot louder than you think and it makes a peaceful Sunday afternoon where you can hear the birds chirping and you can relax and wind down to all you hear is gun shots and you actually have to talk over the gun shots because they’re louder than a social voice. I’m about as right winged as it gets, but just imagine that neighbor, if you even have one like this, who is always making noise and disturbing your peace. You get tired of it and it becomes very irritating. The mayor has assured us that the problem will be fixed. Shoot all you want! I love guns, go shoot if you want! MAGA! I just hope that Sheepdog does exactly what they promised when they built the facility! I love sheepdog point blank

  84. Yeh and you never hear anybody complain about the police range.

  85. I live in Somerset at Trussville apartments and I have family in the cemetery and I hear them shooting at the range all the time and it doesn’t bother me at all.

  86. Kate Jenkins says:

    And that the lack of knowledge is coming from many adults.. some of which do not even reside in Trussville.

  87. You trussvillvillians complain about everything. Why don’t you complain about the hundreds of unfinished projects. Btw. I can barely hear noises standing outside the facility. I dont think homes down the road could even hear anything….

  88. Are we going to complain the sound of people shopping and school kids screaming in the playground is bad next? I bet people in Avondale and other progressing cities are furious.. this is what you get when you live in THE CITY. You get city noise. This is no longer a city of dirt roads..its a developing city.

  89. Sarah Smith says:

    Your inability to afford a house in their neighborhood sounds like a personal problem to me. Buh-bye now. 🙄

  90. Sarah Smith oh I could.. I chose not to. That’s just my personal choice as their personal choice. No hating on how people spend their money.

  91. Eric Oare says:

    I don’t know if y’all are very familiar with physics at all. Probably not. But the sound is actually produced and is coming off the back of the building, which is traveling down the valley behind the back of the complex which actually amplifies the sound traveling straight towards the neighborhood. Therefore it’s traveling away from the parking lot. Sound when it travels through a canyon is also amplified, if you’ve ever gone into a canyon or valley and shouted and heard it echo, there’s your proof of that. If you would like the equation for what I just explained:
    The FT = Frequency Towards;
    The FA= Frequency Away
    And in the equation it proves that the sound is actually amplified.

  92. Random airplanes? Really? Maybe residences become accustom to the planes because they hear them often, like living close to railroad. I lived in that exact plane path in Grayson Valley for years…. The planes are not random nor infrequent. Sound insulation by the gun range can mute that noise. But planes will remain, at higher noise levels. Denial doesn’t change that fact

  93. Agree. Jonathan owns Fishouse and is retired Airforce weapons trainer so our house is def in the know about guns. I can hear the shots at times when I’m outside and way down in the cul de sac.

  94. Kelli Penque says:

    You obviously don’t live in the neighborhood to have an accurate understanding of what we hear and don’t hear. Grayson Valley does not equate Deerfoot

  95. So, is it about noise, or about the guns?

  96. Here’s the bottom line…..there’s not supposed to be gun noise and there’s gun noise. That’s it!!! SheepDog is working on fulfilling their promise…they are agreeing with us!!! Why are people getting on this feed and attacking us and calling us names? Seriously???

  97. Cliff Bagwell Obviously it’s about the noise. I think everybody has made that pretty clear.

  98. Kate Jenkins says:


  99. Sarah Smith that was a snobby comment. Her bank balance is probably large because she doesn’t live in an overpriced house.

  100. Kate Jenkins says:

    Maybe constant gun shots are the sound of your city, but they’re not the sound of ours.. and they won’t be.

  101. No city for me. I’m backwoods

  102. Kate Jenkins says:

    Then you should understand the importance of serenity when you are in your home.

  103. Kelli Penque says:

    I mean, come on dude

  104. I know. I complain alot about the sound coyotes at the town hall meeting

  105. Sarah Smith really???? Rude!

  106. I don’t really have an opinion on the matter because I don’t live by the range, but your response is very well spoken. As a fellow gun enthusiast and fellow lover of peace and quiet I can understand where you guys are coming from. I hope Sheepdog is able to fix the issue so everyone is happy! Also, I can’t wait to check the place out!

  107. If your from the backwoods then you shouldn’t be worried about what’s going on in “the city” anyway.

  108. Just tried of seeing my home town complain about their entire city

  109. Kate Jenkins says:

    Just tired of seeing irrelevant people complain about things they don’t know anything about

  110. Angelica Headley, I would love for you to come to my house this weekend and see for yourself. We are not trying to be a thorn in the side of Sheepdog, we are glad to have them in Trussville. They have acknowledged the problem and are willing to do what it takes to make it soundproof as promised. It bothers me that people are saying that we are being “snowflakes” or “looking for something to complain about” when we have been very patient since this first started disturbing our homes on May 31.

  111. Lol it’s a guns range. Wtf

  112. It’s an INDOOR gun range. The purpose of an indoor range is you don’t hear the noise. When SheepDog presented their plans to the city council, they proposed the facility and stated there would be NO gunfire heard outside the facility. If you have ever been to an indoor gun range that is built properly, you would understand. Something is faulty in the design. SheepDog is aware of it and looking to resolve the situation. However, as homeowners, we had to “officially” state our issue before the city council. We are all excited to have the gun range….but not the noise! Bottom line…there’s not supposed to be noise and there is!

  113. Kate Jenkins says:

    I really do hope you are kidding..

  114. Dallas Allen says:

    Oh please! This is the most pathetic article/post the tribune has had yet. Might start taking my lunch breaks at the ol range at sheepdog. Ray McCollum Chris Bailey Jacob Alan Brown

  115. Eric Oare says:


  116. Please do!! We want their business to do great!

  117. Well, nobody really wants to move into what sounds like a war zone, so I’m going to put moving on hold until SheepDog gets the noise issue resolved. Did you read the article?? That is our issue! Home sales have come to a halt because of the noise. No one wants to buy a $500,000 + home and listen to gunfire. I shouldn’t have to move because there’s not supposed to be noise coming from the facility. SheepDog knows there is an issue or they wouldn’t be hiring consultants to try to fix the problem.

  118. Pretty much attack anyone that doesn’t agree 100% with your viewpoint! Why am I not surprised?

  119. Michael Cena says:

    Lmfao du f is dis. Youz peoples I dyin at dis stuf.

  120. Phyllis DeGrado because the sound travels BEHIND the building

  121. Michael Cena says:

    watch the video and then read the article then comment geniuses

  122. Seriously…I am pretty excited about the range and can’t wait to use it! I’m not complaining about the range at ALL…I’m a fan! I’m also a fan of peace and quiet on my back porch! Can’t wait until the owners at SheepDog have the issue resolved so I can enjoy BOTH! I feel for the owners of the facility having to deal with this issue…I know it’s a pain! The residents that showed up at the meeting last night have no issue with the range itself, but felt the council needed to know the extent of the noise sooner rather than later. The sooner we can get this resolved, the sooner we can get on with being good neighbors and hopefully having some “shooting events” up there!

  123. Kate Jenkins says:

    Eric no… Hotty Toddy

  124. Eric Oare says:

    It was a joke lol

  125. Sarah Smith says:

    Good Lord Cliff Bagwell. If you can’t understand simple facts you should probably keep your (dumb) opinions to yourself.

    Fact 1:SheepDog agreed to make the facility soundproof
    Fact 2: it’s not
    Fact 3: the residents went to city council to ask SheepDog to keep their promise


  126. I believe we’re entitled to peace and happiness. I know nothing of this issue but I do know Susan Webber and she’s a fine upstanding and honest

  127. Sounds like a bunch of whining rich ppl to me.. lol

  128. You sound like an immature person to me…

  129. Eric Oare says:

    Sounds like a jealous lady if you ask me.

  130. Nope, I deal with ppl like this every day in my line of work. I’m happy in my little house.

  131. Sarah Smith says:

    Well you see, Kate Jenkins, that Jacob Allen Hudson is what you’d call an expert of everything. 🙄 But he’s irrelevant and his “opinion” is wrong. Facts are facts and they don’t back him up

  132. Lesia Newman says:

    Love train sounds….that’s awesome sounds…helps me out by where my 16 year old cousin is buried. He loves trains..

  133. Matt Young says:

    BOOO HOOO,…. lol what would people do if they couldn’t complain about stupid shit on Facebook

  134. Well, you probably wouldn’t be happy in your little house if there was constant gunfire. This has nothing to do with economics…it has to do with breaking a city ordinance.

  135. Sarah Smith says:

    Brenda Johnson Horn if we are using cry baby logic like you proposed then here goes….the houses were here first so the range can move. 🙄

    This is affecting people’s homes. This is a problem and you’re a mean spirited person.

  136. Eric Oare says:

    That’s awesome! How much does Facebook pay you to stalk posts and try to argue points with a complete lack of intelligence?

  137. Tim Norman says:

    Is this the same gun range near the cemetery?

  138. Eric Oare says:

    No sir, this is the one that was just built and finished up the road from North Park Baptist Church just before entering Clay, AL

  139. Tom, you are welcome to come to my house so you can hear how loud it is this weekend.

  140. And you are basing your knowledge of decibels on what?

  141. Rolanda, it’s a great middle – upper middle class community with very fine people, who in no way think they’re better than you because they live in a nice house. Please take your assumptions about “people like this” elsewhere. We wouldn’t want this to happen to your home either, the value of it is irrelevant.

  142. I am basing it on decibel tests.

  143. Eric Oare says:

    Are you assuming that my ears only hear certain sounds. It’s bad to make assumptions

  144. My opinion! I think I still have a right to one. I didn’t ask for yours

  145. Tammy McCown says:

    No, dear, the subdivision has been there a lot longer. Smh

  146. Tammy McCown says:

    According to the article the facility claimed it would be 100% soundproof.
    That is how they secured everything.

  147. So, you are a master of decibel tests? There was a person with an apparatus at my house on my deck testing the decibels of the noise from the range and I can tell you that it is a FACT that the noise registered at 75-78 decibels from my back porch because I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

  148. Dennis Gray says:

    What’s for lunch Saturday?

  149. Dennis Gray says:

    Understood. Thank you for explaining logically and civilly. Just seemed pretty quiet from 50 feet away when I was there on a very busy day.

  150. Pam Free says:

    Maybe the washed away roads in sector 2 may have more to do with the non sell of the homes? That bothers me more than the noise from the shooting range. Not to mention the for sale sign just laying on the ground not being put back up right when the realtor lives in the same neighborhood. How hard is it to put it back up? Also, why can’t we get the lots and grass on empty lots cleaned up? It’s such an eye sore. That probably has more to do with not selling the homes/lots than the noise.

  151. Seriously? Who are you and what is your motivation behind this post?

  152. Pam Free says:

    I live in the neighborhood. That’s my motivation.

  153. Omg! That is loud! We live close to the police range and it never gets that loud!

  154. Sharee Green says:

    Wow! This needed to be the first post on this article! Maybe is would have silenced a lot of the know it alls that are commenting. Yes, that is much louder than the Birmingham range!

  155. That sounds kinda cool. Reminds me of MPRC, waiting to run table 7, listening to the tanks in front of us take their turn.

  156. my frand is so smart :’)

  157. Kate Jenkins says:

    Attacking is a very strong word, and no one in this thread even came remotely close to “attacking” you..

  158. Kelli Penque says:

    I feel like if you don’t live anywhere close to Deerfoot your opinion is irrelevant considering it’s not a fact of opinion but rather a factor of what the residents are actually hearing. You understand that, right? This isn’t really a debatable topic.

  159. Dennis Gray, it is quiet in the parking lot. The only issue is in the back of the building where the gunfire is directed. As soon as that is addressed, it will be great. They are very willing to address this and we appreciate it. Our neighborhood is very happy to have them in Trussville.

  160. Nice try, but untrue. None of us are anti-gun. We are pro gun and pro Sheepdog Firearms Training Center.

  161. Well Paige, had you done your homework before just popping off a comment, you would have realized that some of the homes have been here since 2006 and the range opened on Memorial Day of 2017. #thinkbeforeyoutype

  162. Cliff Bagwell noise dummy

  163. Tammy McCown says:

    For everyone being nasty and making this political, they aren’t asking for them to leave. They are asking that they fulfill the conditions they agreed upon with the city. As they should.

  164. Kate Jenkins says:

    Yes ma’am! You are 100% right.

  165. Kate Jenkins says:

    Ladies and gentleman, let’s not forget the wise words of Brenda. (Since she decided to delete her comment thread..)

  166. Jim Nolan says:

    So you moved from azalea trace?

  167. Kate Jenkins says:

    $1 a day could save young adults like me that suffer from the hurtful comments of Brenda.

  168. Pam Free says:

    Why is that even a question?

  169. Kate Jenkins , I’m donating $20

  170. Kate Jenkins says:

    Linda Allen Oare thank you so much. Together we can fight this rising problem in the Trussville community. Every dollar helps.

  171. Tammy McCown says:

    And this is why gun people get a bad rap. Their paranoia. They cannot have a decent conversation without resorting to insults.


  173. Pam Free says:

    Where do you live, Jim Nolan?

  174. Jim Nolan says:

    I have to say I love Deerfoot Crossing.
    I was looking at two homes in the second phase.
    I stood outside the homes and I could feel a steady breeze and hear the birds singing as I looked out over the valley and ridges of the hills… it was idyllic. Then I asked what was being built at the top of the ridge behind me and she said it was an indoor shooting range.
    I decided to hold off on making a purchase and ultimately decided on Stockton by the lake. I only say that because I’m now happy with my choice even more but I’m sorry for all involved because I know what a beautiful neighborhood you have.
    I also listened to one of the owners last night after y’all left. City Council realized they’d forgotten Mr. Lombardo and asked him to speak. They asked him why he didn’t raise his hand and he said he felt it was best to let y’all speak and he didn’t think it was appropriate at the moment. He was very humble and apologetic and said they were working very hard to resolve the problem. I don’t know if he was the one referenced in the first part of the article but I thought you should know what he said and it seemed to be very sincere.

    This ‘outsider’ honestly hopes the situation is resolved to everyone’s satisfaction because you have a wonderful neighborhood and I know the range has tried hard to be a good member of the community.

    Hang in there and don’t let the trolls get you down!

  175. Again, all I see here is “if you don’t agree with us, you should shut the heck up and go away! Isn’t that the same method the current crop of liberals use to silence anyone that has an opposing thought? Sure seems like it!!

  176. And the really humorous thing is that most of the people telling me my opinion doesn’t matter unless I live off Deerfoot….. Don’t live in Trussville themselves!!!! That is side-slapping funny!

  177. Jacob Webb says:

    #TeamKate #StopBrenda2k17 #PowerInUnity

  178. Pam Free, this is not a forum to bash a real estate agent , the roads in a sector that is under construction, or the shape of the grass. That is something to take up with the HOA and the agent that you are implying this about. None of this has anything to do with noise from a shooting range.

  179. Pam Free says:

    Shone Foley Waite, I’m sorry but where is it written that you make the rules of what people post in a forum? It was said in the article that the reason homes weren’t selling was because of the noise. That’s not all true. We all have opinions, and I’m not wanting to get into a war of words with you. I have rights to my opinions, just like you do.

  180. Pam Free I don’t make any kind of rules, but this post is about noise from a gun range, not your dislike of a person, the condition of roads, or grass. That is something to ask your HOA first and you have not done that. That is all.

  181. Thank you for that, Jim Nolan. We know that the owners of Sheepdog are good people and we trust them when they say that they will make things right. We want to see their business thrive, be good neighbors, and have a good relationship with them for many years to come.

  182. Not a master but maybe one day.

  183. Thanks for your comments Jim. We love our neighborhood. Yes, we do believe that SheepDog is working to rectify the situation and their intentions are sincere. I have some experience in construction and sometimes things don’t work out as you planned and it takes a little while to work out all of the kinks. I feel for the owners who are in this predicament. As homeowners, it is in our best interest to notify the city council now rather than later. Basically just to have a record of the noise issue. There really is no debate here…. There is excess noise, We have voiced our concerns, SheepDog is working on the issue. End of story. Dramatic, antagonistic Facebook trolls make me sick!!

  184. Jim Nolan says:

    agreed!! I was dumbfounded reading their comments.

  185. Tj Daniels says:

    Well I was about to jump on the people just complaining train, but after reading through the comments, just sounds like the building isn’t as soundproof as they thought it would be, agreed to solve the problem, and the neighbors will be happy. So carry on, carry on. Lol

  186. Me too Scott, folks will complaint about anything but the right things.

  187. Scott Key says:

    Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney they say people hear what they wanna hear, here’s proof

  188. Scott White says:

    So half the residents say they can’t hear anything and then you have a few that complain they can? Which is it? Is this a lady trying to push the buck for not being a good Realestate agent or is something really going on.
    I have had friends to go up to Sheep Dog and they say you can’t hear hardly anything outside…

  189. The facts are: A. Sheepdog acknowledges the issue and knows that it needs to be addressed. They are very willing to do what it takes to deal with the issue. B. The city knows the issues and is in agreement that the noise is too loud. C. Everyone in this neighborhood is in favor of having Sheepdog Firearms Training Center in Trussville and as our neighbor. This neighborhood is full of gun enthusiasts and people who look forward to using the facility. So, unless you have spent some time at the homes here or in the back area behind Sheepdog in the direction of the bullets, why does anyone want to keep this thread going?

  190. Eric Oare says:

    Read my comment from earlier. Noise is coming from the back of the building not the front where the parking lot it and it’s traveling down a valley amplifying the noise. If I stood 100 feet away from you and pointed a speaker at you, you’d hear it, but if I turned it in the opposite direction of you and projected away from you you wouldn’t be able to hear it and if you did you’d barely hear it. Use common sense

  191. Eric Oare says:

    If you don’t believe my statement, take your time and drive from where you live to the range, sit in the parking lot for 10 minutes, then drive to the deerfoot neighborhood and pull out a nice blanket and sit in the grass and listen to the nonstop shooting, especially on the weekends. All the people commenting saying it’s not making noise don’t even live in the neighborhood, let alone the city of Trussville

  192. Scott White says:

    Eric Oare
    Well let’s hope the back of the building is up to code as well and bullets don’t start going through the walls. That would stink..
    but from all I have read it looks like Sheep Dog will fix it..

  193. Eric Oare says:

    Scott White yeah! They will! We weren’t trying to make a big deal out of it but some people thought we were. We love sheepdog! They just had a soundproofing issue that they said they were gonna work on fixing but we had to go to the city council to make it official so things could get underway. We’re not trying to shut them down! They’re a great company and we want their business to go great!

  194. Scott White says:

    Eric Oare
    Good deal. I haven’t been yet but plan on it.

  195. Eric Oare says:

    Scott White it’s awesome! I highly recommend and the staff is great!

  196. Scott White says:

    Eric Oare thank you

  197. Dave Jackson says:

    Those tracks were completed in the mid 1860’s. Confederate soldiers traveled by train on those very tracks to fight in the battle just outside of Chattanooga.

  198. Dave Jackson says:

    Not as bad as drive by shootings

  199. I’m going today so I will shoot a few extra just for her!

  200. I live in Somerset at Trussville Apartment Homes and I hear all the gun shots coming from the police range all day & night and you don’t ever hear anybody complaining about it it’s alot louder than Sheepdog Firearms Training Center which you can barely hear from the outside.
    Yal should do a news segament about the noone complaining about the noise coming from the police range.

  201. Funny how the people that are not even affected by this are the most vocal and most outraged.

  202. Joel Cook says:

    Why don’t somebody post one if these vids of the noise

  203. I live close to the police gun range by Jefferson memorial and we hear the officers shooting all day and night and no-one has complained about it.

  204. Joel Cook says:

    I meant of sheepdog

  205. Yeh I know what you were talking about i just don’t see why people are whining and complaining about it that should come to the neighborhoods by the police range and they wouldn’t be complaining about Sheepdog Firearms Training Center

  206. It’s a really top notch indoor range. Well done Sheepdog!

  207. And I did just that. I don’t see how in the world they can hear that. You can barely hear it inside. Someone just wanting attention. Good grief!

  208. Video is posted under the article (the Trussville tribune)

  209. Or in the air, like so many idiots do!

  210. Shone Foley Waite put a for sale sign up and then you won’t have to worry about it any longer! Why don’t you go visit Stockton some evening when a train rolls through, those houses are selling in the 300-400,000 range!

  211. Shane D. Hussey get a life.

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