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Highway ramp in Trussville to be closed for repairs starting Friday

Fr om Trussville Tribune staff reports 

TRUSSVILLE — Beginning at approximately 7 p.m. Friday,  the Alabama Department of Transportation plans to make concrete pavement repairs to the inside (left) lane of the ramp from I-59 southbound to I-459 southbound, in Trussville.

The lanes will be closed in the area of repairs for the time needed to remove and replace the damaged concrete and to allow for curing time after the repairs are made.

All travel lanes will be re-opened to traffic no later than 5 a.m.Monday.

Motorists are requested to consider using alternate routes, adjust arrival and departure times, observe work zone speed limits and other work zone signs, and use extreme caution in this area.

In the event of inclement weather, ALDOT’s plans for the work may be altered.


  1. Melissa ‘Marshall’ Krackenberger

  2. Rory Nicole Jenkins Mark Dewayne Jenkins Phil Davis Carlina Brooks

  3. Karan Keim Brad Keim Hunter Keim Lindsay Danielle Keim

  4. Picture is showing north bound; article talking about south bound….just saying.

  5. Dikembe Kylito Dorris Taura Rush Ginger Arnold Prentice Valerie Dobbs Moore

  6. Brian Wells says:

    wow that sucks for anybody going that way. Bad enough the morons cant add 2 extra lanes to 59 where 459 connects.

  7. That’s great. Picture should reflect the actual area, otherwise don’t use one. Most people won’t read the article but look at the photo and headline.

  8. Matt Coleman says:

    So which is it trussville tribune .the southbound 59 ramp onto 459 ,or the northbound 459 onto 59 north .you have contradicted yourself with the article ,and the picture .please correct your story with the correct location ,so everybody is not confused as to exactly where the closure is . Thanks

  9. Cheryl Jordan Tarver

  10. Dennis Gray says:

    *Visual Approximation of Affected Area During Repairs*

  11. Don Richwagen Brooke Alana Watson

  12. Emily Fields says:

    Erick Allison Melton

  13. Very misleading. This is showing the northbound route, when you clearly stated it was 59 southbound to 459 southbound. Big difference!

  14. Linda Pearcy says:

    Randall Ray Pearcy

  15. Holly Rogers says:

    Yeah. I’m confused too as to which interstate lanes are actually going to be closed.

  16. Bonnie Runnels Hassler

  17. Shannon Meadows Wells

  18. Article says south but picture shows north

  19. Eve Snider says:

    I’m sure it is stated correctly in the article but instead of going out to get a photo of the correct area, they probably used an old photo they already had on hand. Still unprofessional as this is misleading to some. Thank you for the heads up though Trussville Tribune! I will definitely be avoiding the area!

  20. As pointed out by others, you are either showing the wrong section of the interstate, OR the article is wrong in its description of where the work will be done.

  21. Susan Miller Chris Jones Dedi Morgan Long

  22. Dawana Kat Baker Dawn Baker

  23. They would start this with school back…tsk tsk smh.

  24. Kevin Hodges says:

    They need to make more lanes. Traffic is rediculous there at rush hour. It has been for 10 years

  25. Elizabeth Thacker Weekley

  26. Amy Yeates says:

    Dena Hunt Madaris

  27. Danny Kircus Stephen Kircus Taylor Fritts Kircus

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