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Two Birmingham teens that livestreamed crime charged with capital murder

From Trussville Tribune staff reports

BIRMINGHAM – Demarcus Daniels, 17, and X’Zavier McWillie, 16, have been charged with capital murder following a shooting that occurred in June when a Birmingham man was killed in gunfire not meant from him, according to A chase ensued where to Birmingham policemen were injured.

Demarcus Daniels, 17, and X’Zavier McWillie, 16. Photo from Jefferson County Jail.

According to the report, one of the teens allegedly stole his grandmother’s credit card. The teen’s father followed him until one of the teens opened fire on him from inside a car.

Antonio Brooks, 20, was nearby when the incident happened. As he was hit and killed his vehicle crashed into a nearby residence. He was a father to two children. The suspects then fled and a pursuit began by Birmingham Police.

The teens eventually collided with a patrol car on purpose. The incident was livestreamed on Facebook by one of the suspects.

Daniels and McWillie are being held without bond and have court hearings set for November.


  1. No need to snitch anymore, people just tell on themselves.

  2. Lock them up under the jail….murderers.

  3. John Hollock says:

    Smh. Can you be any more stupid?

  4. John Hollock says:

    You can tell the 16 yo had the best parenting.

  5. Don Baker says:

    No charges for the officer involved MVA like attempted murder, assault etc?

  6. Dennis Gray says:

    Let me get this straight… They provided the evidence to law enforcement that resulted in their own arrest on a capital murder charge? They live streamed a murder…?
    I need a minute…

  7. Dennis Gray says:

    Also, in the story, shouldn’t it be ‘gunfire not meant FOR him’ and ‘TWO Birmingham policemen were injured’?

  8. Don Philpot says:

    Probably been good boys all their lives

  9. We call that kamikaze snitching

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