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Jimmy John’s eatery now open in Trussville

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

A new Jimmy John’s sandwich shop located at 5431 Patrick Way is now open and ready to serve gourmet sandwiches to the people of Trussville.

Three Jimmy John employees making sandwiches in this file photo.

“This will be our first store in Trussville and our team is excited to serve fresh, fast and tasty sandwiches to a new set of customers in the area,” said owner Brandon Stewart in a press release. “My team and I are big supporters of the local community and love the opportunity to serve them.”

The store is now hiring new employees. Those interested in applying can visit or by stop by the store, which is open daily 11 a.m. to10 p.m. 

Stewart says he plans to hire 30 employees.

Currently there are more than 2,700 Jimmy John’s locations across 43 states.

The new Jimmy John’s in Trussville will deliver sandwiches right to your door for those inside the delivery area, and offer catering for any occasion. Customers can stop by the new location, call the store at (205) 655-4104, or order online at


  1. Looks like next door to Zoe’s

  2. My kids lived off Jimmy John’s when they were in Auburn.

  3. Stefanie Simonetti Martin

  4. Nikolas Mckinney Emma Katherine Sullivan

  5. Erin Piper says:

    I’ve got the parents coming over tonight. Dinner tmrw before church!?

  6. I’ve never eaten at Jimmy John’s. How is it different from Subway, Mama Gold burgs, Firehouse or any of the others?

  7. Gary N Chris DeGreen

  8. Danielle Bee says:

    Henry Bee Jr David Artus

  9. Tuyet Nguyen says:

    Abby Aderholt Harwood

  10. Brittaney Wilhite Falk it’s open!

  11. Can’t wait til Hartley is born so I can eat it!!

  12. Marco Turner says:

    Yey this makes me happy.

  13. Similar but love they deliver.

  14. Over priced and overrated.

  15. Wish there was still a jersey mikes

  16. I’ve never eaten there before

  17. Micah Colley says:

    Jason Gay
    Bonnie Gay Colley

  18. April Murray, Michael Murray

  19. What am I not ordering at Jimmy John’s that makes them popular? Not impressed with them.

  20. Jim Stick says:

    Bout fucking time…. Jimmy Johns you were suppose to let me know dick.

  21. Marah Small says:

    Eric Small just in time before we leave.

  22. Jim Stick I’m pretty sure it was John jimmy seems nice!

  23. You didn’t tell me you had decided on her name!

  24. Amanda Love says:

    Ashley Love Kirkland

  25. Where is is located? Not familiar with address

  26. Megan Hall says:

    The new shopping center in Trussville beside Zoe’s kitchen

  27. Hope it’s better than the one on south side

  28. Abby Michelle Chiarella

  29. Bradley Watson We must go!

  30. Danyale Nichols they deliver

  31. Cyle King says:

    Holy crap it is open

  32. Would rather have had Jersey Mikes come back

  33. I only had it one time and then a couple of weeks later it closed! I was so bummed out! 😩

  34. Not any wild safari animalS to kill here !

  35. One of their managers said they have been trying to get back in Trussville. They even went to sign a lease where Jimmy Johns is going and were told no because Panera is already there and they “didn’t want a second sandwich shop” there.

  36. Kari Overturf Drott I’d love to see how freaky fast they can get to your house

  37. Atalie Whitley!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Finally!! David will be so happy!

  38. Don’t care for JJ. Subway my fav of all of these.

  39. We miss Jersey Mike’s so much.

  40. Jan Dasinger Fowler don’t like JJ either . Can’t get a toasted sub there .

  41. Joy, I’ll never go there. Google his name and read about his hunting history

  42. Sid Welch says:

    Do they play their music too loud? Most of JJ’s do.

  43. Taylor Gore, so much has changed since you moved!

  44. Drake Riley 🤔 it’s like you’ve just discovered GIFs and crappy ones at that.

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