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Residents near Trussville firing range say noise still an issue; city officials say business seeking solution

By David Lazenby


TRUSSVILLE ­­— More than a month after neighbors of an indoor firing range complained about noise from the facility at a Trussville City Council meeting, three residents on Tuesday informed the council that little has changed.

Chris Cremers on Tuesday speaks to the Trussville City Council about noise from Sheepdog Firearms, a problem the indoor firing range is working to resolve.

Shone Waite, who lives on Deerfoot Crossing Drive, told councilors at a regularly scheduled meeting that on Sunday her television did little to drown out the bangs of gunfire from the range as she tried to nap.

Mayor Buddy Choat assured the trio that he has seen evidence that the proprietors of  Sheepdog Firearms are working on a solution to the noise problem.

After Tuesday’s council meeting, city attorney Rick Stotser spoke with the Crossings of Deerfoot neighborhood residents about the methodology being used to systematically soundproof the shooting range.

Chris Cremers, another resident of the Crossings of Deerfoot neighborhood who spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting, said he realizes that resolving the issue will take some time. However, he said he would like for a timeline for the project to be established.

“I think our greatest fear is that the situation will continue to drag on,” he said.

Also he said he wanted to establish a information chain between the city officials, the business owners and the homeowners so residents in the area are kept updated on progress.

Choat said Charles Kessler, a real estate developer and broker in the neighborhood, and Stotser recently walked through the gun range with one of the owners to see the steps that have been taken to eliminate the noise. Choat called the efforts “substantial.”

In addition to insulation recently installed, Choat said Sheepdog Firearms owners plan to install additional soundproofing material next week.

“There has been progress made,” Choat said. However, he added he could still hear some noise outside the facility.

Eric Oare, a resident who spoke at Tuesday’s meeting, volunteered to be a liaison between Sheepdog Firearms and the residents of his neighborhood.

Oare spoke at the Aug. 8 council meeting about his concerns about the issue.


“I’m concerned about our home values,”  Oare said last month. “If you’re standing there and you’re trying to sell your house and you hear gunshots as loud as they can be, I would not want to move in there.”

Following the meeting, the three area residents who spoke out on the matter said he was pleased with the city officials responsiveness to the problem and willingness to communicate with them in the future.


At the Aug. 8 city council meeting, Choat told concerned citizens that in the council minutes from April 14, 2015 when plans for the indoor shooting range were discussed, the official record of that meeting indicated that city officials were “assured it would be soundproof.”

Stotser urged the concerned citizens at Tuesday’s meeting to visit the shooting range to see what is being done to make the building soundproof.

In August, Michael Lombardo, one of the owners of Sheepdog Firearms, said “We are adamantly working on figuring this problem out.”


  1. Carson Young says:

    Can hear it from Tutwiler

  2. What you hear in Tutwiler might be the Birmingham Police firing range directly behind Jefferson Memorial cemetery.

  3. Carson Young says:

    I just assumed that was the one being referenced. My bad

  4. Ric Weide says:

    whiners. I’m just happy that there is a place you can fire a weapon to prepare for self defense. I hear gun shots almost every night and know it is some thug on the streets!

  5. That in itself it awful. I’ve seen the lawn guys at Jefferson Memorial take a flying leap off mowers due to the flash bangs going off.

  6. Jim Shinn says:

    Question? Was the range there when you moved there?

  7. Now if we could quiet down the train, that’d be great

  8. Tyler Barton says:

    Probably not. It just opened a few months ago.

  9. I’m really bothered by the noise these residents of Trussville to put out. Can we do something about that

  10. Ric Weide, it’s not an issue of whining. The issue was about lack of communication from the developer to residents on the progress of solving the problem. It’s also about the agreement that this developer and the business had with the homeowners before it was even built that the facility would be noise free in their residential neighborhood. The business is taking steps to remedy the problem and yet the noise persists. I have confidence the business will continue to work towards fixing the problem because they said they would. It’s the honorable thing to do. The residents simply want to be kept updated. I do not live in that neighborhood but I was at the council meeting last night and heard the conversation.

  11. Jim Shinn says:

    I know there has been one behind the cemetery for 40 years.

  12. Renee Pierce says:

    Sheepdog Firearms training center.

  13. I wonder why certain businesses are initially approved and allowed to open new businesses close to a residential area? I love shooting, but it seems ridiculous to open one that close. It seems common sense would dictate certain business actions that are loud and that could be disturbing should not be approved in certain areas.

  14. Cale Glenn says:

    Sharon Glenn Orr is correct. The BPD range is behind the large cemetery on hwy 11

  15. Cale Glenn says:

    Diana Katrina Ingram if they are that jumpy they have issues. Flashbangs are used inside structures on the property snd are not that loud from outside. The range is also very flexible and does no shooting during funeral services

  16. Cale Glenn I understand what you’re saying, but I had never experienced it before when I went to visit my dad. Scared the crap out of me lol It was like a bomb went off

  17. Cale Glenn says:

    Diana Katrina Ingram it could have been a small detonation for bomb squad training if it were that loud. Its rare but occasionally happens

  18. I hear the Birmingham police shooting everyday at the shooting range behind Jefferson Memorial . You know what it is and where it’s coming from so it’s ok !

  19. That police range makes more noise than anywhere in Trussville.

  20. Kevin Small says:

    It seems to me the question should be more directed to the Trussville planning and zoning board that approved the location than the business.
    The business built their business where Trussville told them they could.
    Put responsibility where responsibility lays. With the P and Z.

  21. Josh Tinnell says:

    How can I sit in the parking lot and not hear a single shot but people down the road can hear noise? 🤔

  22. It’s like minded people who don’t complain about the police firing range which is an outdoor range where you can hear automatic weapons go off. That’s been going on for years. decades! But God forbid another business comes in they want to run that business out too. Along with every other business Trussville Runs Out

  23. Trussville City Council is a joke. Nothing but Democrats under the Republican name. With their extremely high tax and ridiculous bickering about a sign that a business displays they are sitting themself up for failure……

  24. Matt Coleman says:

    If you would have actually read the article you would have known its a new indoor shooting range that promised nobody would hear into the neighborhoods.might as outdoors as loud as it is lol

  25. Matt Coleman says:

    Would you want a business to move in next to you ,and lie saying you won’t hear anything ,and then they move in and all you hear is gunshots lol .i think your opinion would drastically change after that

  26. Matt Coleman says:

    The Birmingham firing range was there way before the houses this one was not big difference

  27. I think I will go to sheep dog today just to support them!

  28. Please do! It cracks me up when people think they will “show us”. We want them to do well.

  29. Josh Tinnell have you sat in the woods behind the building? Probably not…

  30. Matt Coleman they didn’t lie sir! They took steps to minimize the noise and continue as they’ve learned the issues as any NEW BUSINESS does. They’ve communicated with the the ones they should in order to do thing they’ve promised. I think some patience as well as grow thicker skin for many who are moaning and complaining about a facility they continues to teach safety, and allows the ones who protect the said complainers to continue their skills!

  31. Josh Tinnell says:

    I work night shift and hear gunshots on a daily basis, I live across from a fire department, and behind the range in trussville, “controlled” gunshots don’t bother me. Isn’t there something else to complain about? Surely these people will start complaining when a brewery is built downtown 😂😂

  32. Josh Tinnell , I don’t think the home owners live in the parking lot. They live in the area behind it and on the side of it.

  33. Debby Boyd says:

    I’ve been inside the indoor shooting range & could not hear the shooting while standing in the lobby.

  34. Dave Searcy says:

    Sharon Glenn Orr Its so loud it has awaken the dead.

  35. Josh Tinnell how about you just mind your business. This issue does not even concern you.

  36. Terri Baumann I am glad you are an expert on the situation. 🙄
    They are working on the issue and we trust that it will be taken care of. We simply were giving an update to the city council on the progress so far. We are not moaning, we just want to enjoy our homes without the noise of gunfire, as promised.

  37. Josh Tinnell says:

    Ahhh mind my own buisiness. Why don’t we all just mind our own buisiness and let a buisiness be a buisiness. I hear Hillary Clinton has a new book, shouldn’t y’all be reading it

  38. Josh Tinnell says:

    Linda Allen Oare if you don’t understand what I’m saying. If you can’t hear it in the parking lot, or outside of the building, how can you hear it miles away? Use some common sense

  39. Josh Tinnell says:

    You are probably just hearing some of those fine citizens of centerpoint shooting in the woods

  40. The home owners are not claiming to live in the lobby or in the parking lot. They live behind and on the left side of the building. Gun shots can be heard!

  41. Kathy Sills says:

    Get over it…live by the train

  42. Oh my goodness! You can certainly hear it!!

  43. Why would we take the time to go through all of this if we really could not hear it? Please use common sense people.

  44. That is why we don’t live by the train. The range was not there until AFTER the neighborhood had been there 10 years. Don’t tell us to get over it. It does not pertain to you.

  45. They didn’t buy these houses before the gun range was built. I’ve been to Shone’s and the noise is louder than the train and the police range.

  46. Kevin Duffey says:

    Ridiculous! I was inside the lobby and couldn’t hardly hear the firing from the range. ‍♂️

  47. Please watch video above.

  48. Josh Tinnell , science my friend!

  49. Jim Shinn says:

    Matt Coleman Just found it odd that you would complain about an indoor range when the outdoor range goes for 12 hours a day.

  50. Shone Foley Waite I’m no expert and never claimed to be but I am informed and I agree you should get what’s promised. I just know that you will get what’s promised and Sheep Dog is working to satisfy the neighborhood. I was informing the complainers this as well as asking for some understanding and patience as the company grows.

  51. Terri Baumann and I agree with you fully that Sheepdog will make it right. We trust them and know that this is not an overnight fix. We want to see them do well.

  52. Kevin, did you take a walk out back and hang out in the woods?

  53. And, why in the world would we take the time out of our busy schedules to deal with this if it was not really happening? This baffles me!

  54. Kathy Sills says:

    Our foundation is damaged because of train our ears and that is 24 .7….sorry but noise does pertain to me..thanks they shoot guns at 105 am..320 am 440 am…we all have issues.. people who buy houses like we did never saw or heard that train until the night we moved in…good luck in getting something…unfortunately.
    Trains wont change…wow jump on me…

  55. Oh my god. It’s literally almost our back yard. It’s no different then the police training on hwy 11 by Tutwiler Farms. It’s the noise of all your law abiding citizens sharpening their shooting skills!

  56. The windows open. I’m sorry this is petty.

  57. I guess they don’t hear it all the way out there so they have to complain about this instead.

  58. Someone should send the tribune a video of the noise from the parking lot so people could get an idea of how loud it is or isn’t.

  59. I mean right! the train tracks were there waaaay before the residents. Maybe they should of thought about it b4 buying. The train sounds like money to me 😍 bc that’s my other halfs job. The firing range on hwy 11 that’s 40 plus years they have been there. I grew up in Tutwiler it never phased me. Sheepdog just opened. Give them a chance to adjust. Sheeeesh.

  60. Josh Tinnell they have their windows down 🙊 literally sheep dog is almost in our back yard. I am not complaining.

  61. Linda Allen Oare what video?

  62. Kathy Sills you jumped first when you said, “get over it”. I am sorry for the problems you have had at your home, but that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

  63. The video was attached to the article last month. Problem is, no one bothered to watch it before opening their mouth and stating their opinion.

  64. There was a video from the news channel and on this thread.

  65. Linda Allen Oare I wonder why they still don’t have it up then. Would be nice to watch so people could form good opinions

  66. Jordan Wilbanks look in this thread

  67. Shone Foley Waite is it in the replies to comments? Mine isn’t showing any videos

  68. Did the police training center tell you it would be soundproof before they built it?

  69. That’s the truth. Trussville has a lot of maturing to do

  70. Jordan Wilbanks yes. It is a few comments before yours.

  71. Was the range or the homes there first?

  72. Kathy Sills says:

    Agreed..i also apologize..i think text always comes out wrong…but believe me 24 7 of a train 1/2 block from our home is awful..i hope you can get some thing done..we couldn’t…alabama foundations and 12000 later back where we all are on Mohawlk drive…

  73. They’re trying to fix it. Again I can speak on it bc I nearly can walk to it from my back yard. It’s not a big deal. Before moving here on this side of Trussville after living in Tutwiler Farms we heard the bikes race at barbers. Im just not a petty person. It doesn’t interrupt anyone’s sleep in my home and my baby sleeps just fine.

  74. Linda Allen Oare saw your video, to be fair, it isn’t that loud. But I don’t live near there and hear it all of the time. I wouldn’t mind it, but I love guns (prior military) and the sound doesn’t really bother me.

    Your phone picked up more mother nature than the gun sounds which is a good thing.

  75. Check out August 8th article in the Trussville Tribune. Video is attached to article.

  76. Homes have been there for 10 years. Range – 3 months

  77. Linda Allen Oare you have a very lovely backyard.

  78. Jordan Wilbanks the birds were a lot closer to me than the range. It is very annoying. It’s like a dog that won’t quit barking. I like guns too but just don’t want to hear it all the time.

  79. Linda Allen Oare I understand. Im sure that they are going to fix it, I can’t imagine the company wouldn’t turn I blind eye to it with so many people making statements.

  80. Jordan Wilbanks , yes, we know they are going to work with us and the city to fix it. We are all working together on this issue.

  81. Linda Allen Oare that’s great to hear.

  82. Bryan Benson says:

    LOLOL what a deafening sounds that is! The birds made more noise.

  83. Kathy Sills says:

    24 7 it runs and that horn is louder than any bullet

  84. Ron Hughes says:

    Noise barriers are fairly easy to erect but I suspect Trussvillains will whine if theres total silence

  85. Sounds like Trussville and the federal government should make everyone have and use suppressors to protect hearing and sound disturbance.

  86. Would be easier on my tinnitus!

  87. Will someone please get them a Bernie Sanders sign for their yard!

  88. Rang has been for few years

  89. Garry LaShum says:

    That building is plenty far enough away from the nearest neighborhood! Those people just want to whine and complain!

  90. John Michael Brewer , actually, it opened May 29, 2017. Not a few years ago.

  91. DeAndra Price where do you live? Why in the world would we take time from our lives to deal with this if it was not a real problem. You do not live where the noise is, so don’t tell us it is petty. It is really unbelievable to me that so many people that do not live here have so many strong opinions.
    Let me ask you, what would you do if someone moved next door to you and had a dog that barked non stop outside your bedroom window all day long until 8 pm every day?

  92. Maybe I am thinking of another range is it not the one by the cemetery?

  93. And yes, they are working on the issue and will resolve it. We know that.

  94. Yep, you got us, that is all we have to do.

  95. This article isn’t even about the train. 🙄

  96. Then I would say if it can be heard , then they have a right to complain and I am all for our 2nd Amendment

  97. John Michael Brewer , most people are making remarks and they don’t even know what they are talking about.

  98. And no, it is not by a cemetery. It is by a neighborhood on Deerfoot.

  99. Linda Allen Oare I am sure of that whatever needs to happen to keep Trussville moving forward and property cost high I am down for

  100. The squad Drop 20 Challenge on Hwy 11 makes at least as much noise as the firing range and they crank the music starting at 5:30 a.m., Mon – Sat. And they are directly across the road from a neighborhood.

  101. In your free time Shone. 😉

  102. Kirsten Mackin McCorkle, exactly! 😂

  103. Garry LaShum says:

    Shone Foley Waite it may or may not be what you do, I don’t know. I am referring to this particular situation with the gun range.

  104. Garry LaShum ummmm, so am I.

  105. Josh Tinnell says:

    Omg…the windows are down and that’s all y’all are hearing??? Spare me ye old entitled people of trussville..this is absolutely pathetic that y’all are complaining about that.

  106. Shone Foley Waite I live right by you & I am also very familiar with nursing and shifts. Same career & my husband is night shift for the railroad. I get sleep is important but I think this is petty. Sorry. I’m not trying to be rude or come off that way. I like how you are saying “I don’t live here ” ha. Wow. I have lived in Trussville my whole life. Tutwiler and now off deerfoot subdivision as you.

  107. Jennifer Chinnis Lawley thx for noticing 🙄 how about someone’s comment was though k thx!

  108. DeAndra Price do you live in The Crossing at Deerfoot?

  109. Shone Foley Waite what business is of yours to know my exact location. I said once i can get to sheepdog through the woods of my home! I’m not feeding into this anymore. I had a great firing practice this afternoon and why I didn’t post a video from the parking lot or near back of building I forgot but I will! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hope they get the range noise issue fixed for you SOONER then LATER.

  110. People need to stop driving loud cars & motorcycles down deerfoot I mean ‍♀️‍♀️

  111. DeAndra Price if you don’t live in the subdivision, then you will not understand. It is not loud anywhere else around the building. It is loud behind the back wall in the direction of the gunfire. They know it and are working hard to fix it. We are not being petty, you would not know how the noise is unless you live in one of our homes, so when you call us petty it is very offensive because you have no idea what you were talking about.

  112. Shone Foley Waite again you have NO idea where my home is. I do know this I have a family member on the board for Trussville and this is a old issue that was supposedly a dead topic now bc it’s under works and why this topic got pulled from the chronicles I don’t know. Why would I lie or why would you assume I live no where near or in your subdivision? 😂 I honestly hope they get this fixed for you. I truly do. I guess I’ve just adapted to cars, motorcycles & trucks being loud on deerfoot all the time. I’ve adapted. I guess some ppl can’t. Again I do wish they fix the issue soon. Maybe I should be more sensitive to the subject.

  113. Marc Ward says:

    Jacob Allen Hudson which businesses?

  114. I was only curious as to where you live because you said you can walk there from your back yard. The only place you can access Sheepdog from a back yard is in the neighborhood or North Park Baptist Church. Thank you for hoping they will fix it. I am sure they will because they are good people. As far as being a dead issue, it is not. It was only brought up for the first time on 8/8 and the business is only 3 months old.

  115. They are working together to find a solution, per the meeting minutes. Not sure why everyone’s so up in arms.

  116. Jonathan Barrett David Williams
    Eddie Harden

  117. Jesse Womack says:

    Why don’t the HOA of that community pay for the noise barrier walls or come to an agreement with all involved.

  118. We are not claiming to live in the parking lot. The noise is coming from the back side.

  119. Why should the HOA pay for anything? Sheepdog is suppose to be a noise free shooting range per the agreement between the city council, mayor, and sheepdog.

  120. Kevin Duffey says:

    Shone Foley Waite yes I watched it and just like the guy mentioned, the birds are louder. Good thing you dont live in the country!

  121. The reason the birds sound louder is because they were about 50 feet away from the iPhone. The gunfire was much, much further away. It is very simple if you take time to think about it. I don’t live in the country, I don’t live near the train tracks, and I don’t live near the police shooting range, so none of those points have anything to do with this situation. It is very comical to me that no one here seems to get the point. The city of Trussville gets it, Sheepdog gets it, and the homeowners in the neighborhood get it, so it does not really matter what anyone else thinks about any of this.

  122. Linda Allen Oare, when all else fails….🍸! 🤣

  123. Shone Foley Waite again I apologize if I came off snarky earlier. I love living over in this part of Trussville & I love the neighborhood. Again, I should be more understanding. I guess bc I hunt, I go to firing ranges a lot & I have law enforcement in my family I’m just used to guns and it doesn’t stand out to me as it probably would someone else.
    So my apologies for coming off to strong. I asked my dad if things got handled with sheepdog and he said yes that they were working on it and he hasn’t heard any more complaints since early August. How ever there still are complaints I see via the post. I was just curious.

  124. Kim Farr Hollingsworth Amen sister!

  125. Bryan Benson the birds are 50 feet away and the range is a mile away.😡

  126. That doesn’t make sense

  127. This thread has reminded me that I havent been to SHeepdog in a week or so…. Time to make another visit. Thanks peeps. Sheepdog is an asset to the surrounding communities.

  128. Wayne A Duke says:

    We have the law-enforcement firing range very close to our house and all the neighborhoods and South Trussville. We hear the firing range every day and sometimes at night. It’s just not a big deal unless you make it a big deal.

  129. Wayne A Duke says:

    Trussville also has trains all time day and night every day of the week. You get use to the sound. Live and let live.

  130. In St. Clair Co. people shoot in the woods everywhere. At least they know where the shots are coming from. 🙂

  131. I gotta neighbors 24 hr barking dog I’ll trade you any day!

  132. I hear it all the time also and pay no attention

  133. Chris Lane Kelli Lane

  134. My gosh some people need to get a hobby. Go find something productive to do and let this be.

  135. Ryan Wood says:

    You can come pick the bird shot off my driveway.

  136. James Farley says:

    Boo hoo. It’s been there before you moved there so get over it. My Lord people find something better to worry about

  137. Actually the neighborhood was there long before Sheepdog was even mentioned. However, I believe it’s just a bunch of anti 2A people as I’ve stood in the parking lot and you can definitely hear it, but it’s not bad.

  138. James Farley says:

    Yeah true. But that’s what I’m saying the people complaining moved there afterwarda. Knowing fair well. Just get over it

  139. Brian Bishop says:

    Ridiculous, sums it up in a nice way.

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