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Edgar’s Bakery closes on Main Street property in Trussville

By David Lazenby


TRUSSVILLE  — Edgar’s Bakery on Thursday closed on the property at 156 Main Street where the popular chain of cafes plans to set up shop to sell its sweet eats in Trussville.

Trussville Mayor Buddy Choat said he expects construction of the eatery to be completed in about six to eight months.

“I hope it’s up-and-going by May of next year,” Choat said about the bakery he expects to be about 5,000 square feet.

The property where Edgar’s Bakery will be located is across the street from Moe’s Original Bar B Que. Previously a Sticks & Stuff store was located at the site where Edgar’s will be located. After the furniture retailer went out of business in 2014, The City of Trussville purchased the property.

Choat said the city sold the property to Edgar’s Bakery for $500,000.

“This is something that I think the people of Trussville are going to be proud of,” Choat said about the  new eatery.

On Friday, the Trussville City Council will hold a called meeting to discuss a development agreement with Edgar’s Bakery. That called meeting will be held at 9 a.m. at Trussville City Hall.

Choat said architectural drawings of plans for the restaurant will be unveiled during the monthly luncheon of the Trussville Area Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 19.

Dave Reese of Turner Batson Architects will design the freestanding building. Reese, who is the lead architect for the Trussville Redevelopment Authority, could not be reached for comment prior to the publication of this article.

Edgar’s Bakery, which started in Birmingham, now has locations at The Shops of Colonnade in Birmingham, Patton Creek in Hoover, Cadence Place – Greystone, Financial Center in Birmingham, The Galleria in Tuscaloosa, Pelham and The Village of Providence in Huntsville.

The owners of Edgar’s Bakery, Terry and Dottie Smith, will have 60 days to perform due diligence  on the Trussville property where their new restaurant will be located.


  1. Daniele Flaccavento Duke

  2. Diane Davis McAuley, Lori McAuley Mills, Cati Aloia……yeah, Edgers is coming to Trussville!

  3. Reese Levert says:

    My favorite bakery will be 10 minutes from home.

  4. Eric Gay says:

    It’s all happening.

  5. Woohoo! Lunch girlfriend!!

  6. Patricia Swanson Donaldson

  7. Lavelle Guthrie Mitchell, I’m one step closer to good chicken salad!

  8. Jennifer Henderson Lee Jennifer Jebeles Beaver

  9. Awesome I can’t wait till they open.

  10. Kerri Linley says:

    In the new strip mall ??

  11. Now all we need is a weight watchers on Main Street! JK, I’m excited for it to be in Truss too!!

  12. Telissa Or Jonathan Kirk Tonya-Michael Kirk

  13. Felicia Hall says:

    Chicken salad, spinach dip & CUPCAKES, tired of driving to the colonnade…..

  14. Never had anything bad from Edgar’s…but that strawberry cake is absolutely sinful!

  15. According to the article, it will be where the old Sticks & Stuff store used to be

  16. Lisa Sewell says:

    David Adams Amanda Lane Adams

  17. Karen Savage says:

    Kelly Leo ❤️❤️

  18. Julie Howell says:

    Jenn Wallenstein Toni Baldus Como

  19. Jessie Jay Phillips-Chaney

  20. Melissa Lopresti Sarah Gilbert Lunsford Brittany Cook Walters

  21. David Bowman says:

    So, are they closing or are they opening?

  22. JG Rawlins says:

    Kinsey Brianna…strawberry cake lol!

  23. That seriously just made my whole day

  24. The article above says it will open in a few months

  25. Drake Riley says:

    Bethany Serafin Riley

  26. Shirley Burton Whitaker, we are in trouble now

  27. Kelly Leo says:

    I didn’t know they had one!😤😤

  28. Rick Cornelius Adaire Cornelius Zoraya Pontious Nollet I LIKE CAKE

  29. Oh my goodnesslove this is gonna be close to me!

  30. Keely Valentino Guillot

  31. Vance Tipton says:

    Shelia Tipton Molly Scarbrough, this ain’t good.

  32. Doc Kenna says:

    I didn’t know 1 was there…..

  33. Brandi Parker Gudwien uh oh… great pastry and cakes nearby!!

  34. Closed as in finalized the sale ,to build

  35. “Closes” on the purchase of property.

  36. Jennifer Moore we want have to drive far. Lol

  37. Pam Popwell Lovelady Allyson Lovelady

  38. Charles….. This will be nice to have one close!

  39. This makes me so happy! 😊

  40. Lynn Riddle Tillman!!!!!!!!!

  41. Oh dear!! Andrea McKinney Hall

  42. I was just about to tag you. 😂

  43. I’ve never had Edgar’s. Excited about a new bakery coming to Trussville though. Can’t wait to try it!

  44. Can’t wait until it’s open

  45. Jonathan Ray says:

    Lacie Cooper Ray Halie Cooper

  46. 😱😱💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿😍

  47. Karen Savage says:

    Kelly Leo not yet 😊 I think the article said it’s to open early 2018! It won’t be long 😉

  48. Omgggg Melinda Lake Robinson Jennifer Michelle Carney we are in trouble

  49. Omg yes we are!! Strawberry cake will be my first purchase!

  50. I wish you were working with me today😪

  51. Whitney and Theresa, y’all are going to be in heaven!

  52. Amy Doss Lisa Gilham McCreless Edgars is coming to Trussville.

  53. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼strawberry cake!

  54. Cynthia Peach O’Neal

  55. Hans Lemons says:

    Awesome congratulations Trussville!

  56. Debbie Armstrong Pearson Michael Burch

  57. So ready for this. We can meet and have strawberry cale

  58. Oh wow! Probably a good thing I’ve moved away from there. Edgar’s is too much temptation!!!

  59. Well, guess ya’ll can look forward to seeing me on “My 600lb Life” in a couple years.

  60. I never knew there was a location in Trussville.

  61. Edgar’s strawberry cake is good but Ashley Mac’s is devine!!!

  62. Eric Gay says:

    There isn’t yet. There will be. They are closing on the property.

  63. I.e. I am about to be soooooo fat. #strawberrycake

  64. Girl I said the SAME THING! 😂😂

  65. There goes my weight loss plans👎🏾

  66. Eric Gay I thought when it said they were closing it meant store was closing. Lol

  67. That is what I thought when I read the headline.

  68. Natalie and I were talking about this in the car on the way to school this morning

  69. YASSSSS!!!! Just more temptation to gain those lbs tho. Grrrrr….. lol

  70. The Lord is so good to me. LOL

  71. Great news!!! Love Edgar’s Bakery!!

  72. Amy King says:

    Hope it’s completed by April so they can do my wedding cake!!!

  73. Ashley L. Hill do you work Friday?? 🙂

  74. Kari Becker Crawford!!!!!! It’s really happening!!!!!

  75. God bless us every one…..

  76. Matt Newton says:

    Jennifer Newton you just think I’m fat now lol.

  77. This makes me extremely happy

  78. Hollie Hall says:

    Mike-Teresa Glenn Norman

  79. Cindy Brown says:

    Oh my….we are in for a delicious treat! Love Edgar’s Bakery ❤

  80. I thought you might like to see this Jennivee Rotenberry Williams!

  81. Where is it going to be located?

  82. Cindy Stieg says:

    I went to school with Terry Smith (well he was a year or two ahead of me), but he is a great person!! I love Edgar’s & am so thrilled to have one closer to us!!!

  83. Me too, Mary Ann Cooper Capps & Cindy Dorough Graham. Very misleading headline.

  84. Christina Taruc Blalock Kayla Pearson Morgan!

  85. Jill Ray says:

    Great news for someone in Blount county!

  86. Glenn told me about this today! This is not good for my checking account or my hips! 😂

  87. SHOULD READ ” EDGAR’S BAKERY COMES TO MAIN STREET TRUSSVILLE ” for a minute I thought it was closing it’s business !

  88. Lisa McCarty says:

    There goes my diet…

  89. I’m in trouble! Love this place!

  90. That is awesome news!!! Bring on the Strawberry cake.

  91. Ben Jackson says:


  92. Will Edgar’s and Melt Be share a building?

  93. Amanda Turner Davis Janice Copeland Isbell

  94. Welcome to Trussville!

  95. Tanya Crumel-Singleton

  96. Oh my that looks delicious!!! You’ll some lucky folks in Trussville.

  97. Judy Clifton says:

    Oops read it wrong….

  98. Love their cheese balls and strawberry cake ,can’t wait

  99. Bill Lowery says:

    Great news for our city!

  100. I think I’ll stick with Ricky J’s Bakery in Clay. A family owned business, not a chain.

  101. Cindy Stieg says:

    I don’t think Edgar’s us a chain. It’s just a very nice man, Terry Smith, that us opening an awesome business!!!

  102. Cindy Stieg says:

    Love the caramel cake!!!

  103. Theresa Simpson Mays !

  104. Yay! A good excuse for more strawberry cake!!

  105. Martha Wixom says:

    Over priced for the quality and customer service.

  106. Tammy McCown says:

    The Three Eared Rabbit has a fabulous homemade strawberry cake.

  107. Edgar’s strawberry cake is to die for!!!

  108. Edgar’s is a family owned business. It’s not a chain.

  109. Donna Pace says:

    When we come out, you MUST take me there…


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