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First Presbyterian Church of Trussville to celebrate 150th anniversary

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First Presbyterian Church of Trussville is one of the oldest surviving churches in Jefferson County. It was organized Oct. 2, 1867 as Cave Springs Congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. According to record, there were 21 founding members who had joined, “12 by letter and 4 by experience.”

First Presbyterian Church of Trussville

At the next meeting, the congregation voted to give the church the loftier name of Mount Nebo. A meeting house was built on the outskirts of town and shared by Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterians alike. Everyone met together each Sunday regardless of which denomination was having services. In 1889, the Mt. Nebo session voted to move the church to the village of Trussville. The motion was defeated.

In early years, the Rulling Session of this quaint church did not meet often. A history of the church reveals a number of specific reasons why, including “bad wether,” “want of elders,” “time taken up with mishian work,” and negligence of the Elders.” The times the Session did meet were profitable. Part time pastors were hired for $100 a year, a Sabbath School was organized, and a committee formed to “assertain reasons for a Brother’s continued absens.”

In 1899, it was decided to build a new “church house.” The building was to be “a good, substancial building, built in a workmanlike manner .. and completed on or before Oct. 15, 1899.” The deadline was met.

Eventually the name of the church was changed from Mt. Nebo to First Presbyterian Church of Trussville. They also severed their association with Presbyterian USA, remaining an independent traditional Presbyterian church to this day. As generations have come and gone, the church has never changed its Biblical foundation, but it has made dramatic changes to the building itself.

The top floor and the stairway were removed, and rooms were added to the lower floor. A new ceiling was put in, along with a new roof with an added steeple. Running water was also added along with a rest room and kitchen.

Pews were bought from South Highland Church at $1 a foot. When it was found that “at the slightest movement one was likely to get pinched,” they bought cushions for the pews. A new carpet was put in for the sanctuary, as well as beautiful Memorial stained glass windows for the sanctuary and fellowship hall. Later, at a special meeting of the Presbytery, Reverend Dr. John N. Lukens rededicated the remodeled building to the “Service of Almighty God.”

Today, First Presbyterian Church of Trussville is still dedicated to the service of Almighty God, through sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Rev. Tom Lloyd said “We believe that as we live our lives loving God and loving others, we not only bless others and ourselves, we fulfill our very purpose. “

The church invites the public to join First Presbyterian Church of Trussville at 2 p.m. on Sunday for a singing and reception to celebrate 150 years of God’s amazing grace. The church is located at 2107 Gadsden Highway in Trussville.


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