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Paine Elementary School’s FIRST Student Leadership team named

From Staff Reports

Paine Elementary School’s FIRST Student Leadership Team was recently selected.

Paine Elementary School’s FIRST Student Leadership team was recently elected. Team members are: (Front Row) Lucy Palmer, Amaurie Pearson, Emma Lombardo, Ella Kate Clark, Bragan Long, Katherine Grigsby (Back Row) Max Legg, Jonah Jackson, Parker Lybrand, Brady Ryan, Cade Underwood.

These students were elected by their peers to help students have a voice in improving Paine Elementary and actively promoting service.

They will also be learning important 21st century skills that will be helpful in their future. Elected student members are as follows: Amaurie Pearson, Brady Ryan, Cade Underwood, Lucy Palmer, Parker Lybrand, Bragan Long, Ella Kate Clark, Emma Lombardo, Jonah Jackson, Max Legg, and Katherine Grigsby.

The Paine Elementary Student Leadership Team consists of students from 4th and 5th grade who display outstanding behavior, leadership qualities, P.A.C.E. character skills, and academic excellence in school work and attendance. Paine Leadership Team members will be expected to help increase student involvement in various school initiatives and be an exemplary example of leadership in the school community. Students selected to participate on the leadership team will meet monthly to discuss Paine’s strengths and weaknesses as well as plan school-wide projects and implement them.

In addition, the leadership team will play an active role in developing and implementing service projects in the community. Paine Student Leadership Team members will serve as tour guides for visitors who visit the school, helpers for school-wide events, and positive role models for other students at Paine. The Student Leadership Team is sponsored by Catherine Finkley, one of the assistant principals.


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