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Child, 3, drowns in grease pit at Auburn ice cream shop

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

A young girl drowned Saturday when she fell into a 6-foot-deep grease pit at an ice cream shop in Auburn.

Sadie Grace Andrews

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris released a statement that said the body of Sadie Grace Andrews , 3, was pulled from an in-ground container used to trap cooking grease at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream in Auburn.

The 3-year-old had been missing about 5-10 minutes when she was found unresponsive in the grease trap at the eatery located on East University Avenue, according to Harris.

Efforts to revive the girl by first responders were unsuccessful.

The child was taken to East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika where she was declared dead.



  1. Praying for the Family.

  2. Nancy Smith says:

    My heart breaks for this family. Praying for them.

  3. So sad, praying for this family.

  4. So, so sad. Praying for the family.

  5. Tim Sproles says:

    Why does an ice cream parlor have a grease pit? And where were the parents?

  6. Oh my heart hurts for this family!

  7. God bless her sweet heart. Prayers for her family.

  8. So heartbreaking!
    Prayers for the family..

  9. How was a child able to fall into it?!? Those poor parents. So sorry for your loss

  10. The parents are suffering enough without your blame.

  11. How horrible. Prayers for family

  12. Amber Fox Greene Amen!! A 3 yr old can get away so fast ! The parents don’t need all the criticism

  13. How awful! So sad! Prayers for this family.

  14. Accidents can happen to any of us! For context from The grease trap is a six-foot deep, in-ground container. Sadie was playing in the area, which has picnic tables and a grassy area where children play, an official said. It wasn’t the first time the Andrews family had visited the ice cream shop for the children to play and have treats. Lee County Coroner Bill Harris said Sadie stepped onto the lid of the grease trap, which apparently wasn’t locked or secured, and fell in when the door opened. The door closed on top of her, he said.

    Police said officers had already been dispatched to the scene because the girl was missing. When officers arrived, CPR was being was being performed. She was taken to East Alabama Medical Center, where efforts to revive her were unsuccessful, police said.

  15. Tom Steber says:

    Good Lord how awful. RIP little Angel.

  16. How tragic. Prayers for this family.

  17. My heart breaks! Prayers up

  18. Josie Smith says:

    So Sad, Praying for family

  19. Tim Sproles says:

    I’m not blaming but most parents don’t let 5 year olds out of their sight these days. And they shouldn’t. Being 3 doesn’t give kids free range to go wherever they want. My sympathy goes out to the family but still. What ice cream parlor has a reason for a grease pit is my point.

  20. Vickie Cobb says:

    Poor baby and bless this family!

  21. This makes me cringe. What a horrible death. So sad. Prayers for her family!

  22. This could have happened in literally 30 seconds. I’m guessing you don’t have kids. If you did, you’d know the 4.2 million things that can distract you, and you’d know how terrifying quickly a child can do just about anything. If you do in fact have kids, I pray for an abundant amount of grace and protection to fall on all of the moments that you have to look away from them.

  23. So sorry to hear this Praying for this family

  24. Total heartbreak!!! Prayers prayers

  25. If the description of how the child fell in is accurate then this is obviously gross negligence on the part of the business! Pls tell me they are closed for business until the investigation is complete!!! This should never have happened

  26. Prayers for the family.

  27. This is heartbreaking. Praying for her family

  28. Prayers for this family. Heartbreaking

  29. Friends in our Sunday School class asked for prayer for the family this morning. The parents and child were close friends of their son, his wife and baby. The 2 kids were friends. They are devastated.

  30. God bless the family as they grieve the most horrible loss a parent can experience.

  31. Lifting the family up in prayer!!

  32. Amanda Ryan says:

    Prayers for this family.

  33. Tim Sproles says:

    So why does an ice cream parlor need it?

  34. Rachel Hogan says:

    Prayers for the family ! My heart goes out to all !

  35. Tim Sproles they make waffle cones. Oil and grease used to make those cones need somewhere to go. Hence, a grease pit.

  36. Tim Sproles says:

    And I don’t have children. But if I had 3 year old, I think I could have avoided this. Keep your eyes on your kids. That’s also a message here

  37. Tim Sproles just keep your comments to yourself. You are not helping the situation. If you ever do have children, I hope nothing as tragic as this happens to you.

  38. Tim Sproles You said it. You don’t have kids. Mine are 26 and 17 and now with grands. There is no parent if a 3 yo who hasn’t panicked in a split second and said “Where is…”. You will remember this one day no matter how much you protest it now.

  39. Kelli Penque says:

    This comment is unnecessary and very disturbing. The article states the parents didn’t find her until 5-10 minutes, toddlers can get away in the blink of an eye. Considering they found her that fast I would say the parents acted very quickly. Additionally, this is an ice cream shop that the family was familiar with and frequented. Have you never, in your entire (and ignorant) life felt more comfortable at a place you know vs one you don’t know? My guess is you have. Shame on you for putting blame on these parents who are grieving the loss of a child. This is not a scenario where the parent didn’t realize their child was missing several hours later. Get off whatever high horse you pride yourself on and show some common decency. If you’re going to make assumptions about a situation, by God make it an intelligent one. You have clearly shown your backside on this thread. Honestly, people like you (self-righteous high horse riders) worry me more than people who make mistakes. There is no telling what all you’ve done, while still feeling better than those around you. Research your opinion next time before you make such an inaccurate, embarrassing remark.

  40. And why was this in ground grease pit not covered? This is terrible. Prayers for the family.

  41. Cynthia Crow says:

    So so sad
    What a beautiful little girl. Prayers for family.

  42. Jerry Suggs says:

    So very sad. God bless this family

  43. Tim Sproles says:

    You might all want to call me heartless and you’re entitled to. You don’t know me. My heart goes out to the family for their loss. But no one has answered my original question. Why does an ice cream parlor have a grease pit? And one at that an innocent 3 year old can get into easily and die? Sounds like a bad idea

  44. Carol Panter says:

    WHAT? Who knew grease pits were built like that? Not THIS girl! What a horrible design flaw.

  45. Tjo Johnson says:

    My heart goes out to this family. Such a heartbreaking accident. Praying that God will give them the strength to make it through this difficult time.

  46. Tjo Johnson says:

    It was covered. She stepped on the lid and it wasn’t secured so she fell in.

  47. Zana Carter says:

    What a beautiful little soul!! Can’t imagine what this family is going through! Anything like this trap shouldn’t be anywhere near where people walk – Should be in back and surrounded by a gate – relying on someone to do their job to make sure locked correctly shouldn’t be the case either- I never walked on anything or try not to drive over grates in road if possible- Sure no one would of dreamed something like this would happen – A terrible design for something like this where people can obviously just walk onto the lid- Immediate action should be taken to fix these contraptions so no others have to endure such a heartbreaking tragedy as this family!

  48. Zana Carter says:

    Grease pits for waffle cones – The design and evidently lack of back up safety for this contraption is horrible- Should be out of an area where people can walk right on top of a lid to a hole below- Should be gated around it just like a pool or anything like that- Immediate actions should be taken to inspect and correct these all over but it most likely won’t be-

  49. Zana Carter says:

    A Wisconsin boy fell into one – A plastic lid gave way with him but he survived- probably more stories- Something that stupid of a design should be corrected!! How does it pass inspections? The companies that make them should be changing the lids-

  50. This is so very sad, I can not even imagine what her poor parents are going through, my heart goes out to them & may God give them the strength to get through this most horrific time in their lives.

  51. It was a grease trap in the plumbing line.that separates grease/oil from waste water. Not an aboveground waste grease/oil container.

  52. So sorry this happened. Prayers for family.

  53. So sad. Praying for the family.

  54. Tim Hollis says:

    I agree with Tim Sproles. Parents today want to blame everything and everybody but themselves when stuff like this happens. If you’re so “distracted” maybe put your damn phone down and pay attention to your kids. Oh and I am father of 2 by the way. Mine have survived to 9 and 13 so far. Guess I’m just not so “distracted ” when I take them places.

  55. Tim Hollis says:

    So sad yet another young life gone because parents don’t watch their kids. I guess all you guys blamed the zoo during the harambe murder. Everybody wants to blame everything but the parents. Sorry this could have been avoided by simply paying attention

  56. So sad prayers for her family.

  57. not a design flaw.. a parenting flaw.

  58. Lois Grooms says:

    Dear Jesus, Please be with this family in a special way.

  59. So sad. Prayers for the family.

  60. Oh how terrible and tragic! Parents please hold on to your kids!

  61. The grease pit is likely because the ice cream is high fat, some places require one for anything like that so fat doesn’t get into the sewer system.
    The lid wasn’t secured or like it was supposed to be anyway. They are heavy and supposed to be secured.
    This isn’t the first child to fall in/drown in one either, though it’s rare😔

  62. Taylor Goodwin Sheppard not a parenting flaw, a business negligence flaw

  63. So so sad! Sorry for your loss of this precious little angel for you & your family.

  64. Brett Taylor says:

    Dude shut the fuck up.

  65. Brett Taylor says:

    Im guessing it was a grease trap cover.They are nessesary to have.I wouldnt blame the Ice cream shop yet.Maybe look at the company that had been servicing the grease trap.Im so sorry to hear this.

  66. Heartbreaking! Prayers for the family! 🙁

  67. That’s cold. And it’s inappropriate on a post like this.

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