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Rock pioneer Fats Domino dead at 89

From Trussville Tribune staff reports

Fats Domino, born Antoine Dominique Domino, Jr. in 1928, has passed away after leaving behind a legacy as a pioneer of rock n’ roll, as well as boogie-woogie and rhythm and blues. He was 89, according to NPR News.

Fats Domino, 1928-2017. Photo from Facebook.

Domino died in the same city he was born in: New Orleans where he often played in bars before signing on with Imperial Records in 1949, eventually propelling him into mainstream music and achieving many singles in the Top 40 charts.

His 1949 album, “The Fat Man”, is considered to be the first rock ‘n roll record to sell more than a million copies. After his rise to fame, Domino became one of the most recognized musicians in music history.

His long list of singles include “Ain’t That a Shame,” “When My Dreamboat Comes Home” and “I’m Walkin'”.


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