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Planning a move? Here are some helpful tips

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Things Often Forgotten Before the Big Move

“What is it I’ve forgotten?”  You know that pesky feeling. You’re moving and you just KNOW you’ve forgotten to do (or pack) something.  But…what is it?  Here’s a little checklist to help you remember what it is you’ve forgotten.

Moving with Kids  

Hopefully you aren’t actually forgetting to take your kids with you when you move.  But you may not have thought of some of the things that will need to be done.  Be sure to notify the old school your child is leaving.  Let the new school know your child will be enrolling and fill them in on any special needs he or she may have.  Do the same concerning pediatricians, dentists and any activities your youngster is involved in.

 Moving with Pets

Your pet may not be due for shots or a check-up for a while but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t preregister at a veterinarian clinic in your new neighborhood.  In the event that there’s an emergency, you’ll want your pet’s records already on file.  A simple call to both the old and new clinic should initiate a smooth transition.

Got Mail?

Oops…did you forget to put in a change of address at the Post Office?  Not a problem.  You can make a quick trip by your local Post Office or fill out the form online.  You’ll be able to forward your mail and there’s tons of coupons and discounts you can sign up for too.

Be Courteous to Caregivers

Babysitters, pet sitters and housekeepers often depend on the income your business brings in for them. Don’t forget to let them know about your move with plenty of time to spare.  You’ll want to start checking into replacing those positions in your new location too.


It’s not unheard of that you can rack up a steep utility bill from a home you’ve moved out of.  It happens.  Be sure to notify the electric, gas, water, sanitation and cable companies of your departure.  If you have a landline, inform the phone company as well.  Having the utilities at your new home turned on in advance is helpful too.

Boxes, Boxes and more Boxes

No matter how many boxes you have, you are likely to need more.  Moving day is not the best time to be running around the neighborhood looking for boxes.  Be sure to pick up an ample supply.  You can discard unused boxes much easier than you can find more at the last minute.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Keep a list of everything you need to do.  Mark each completed task off the list when it’s accomplished.  You’ll be less likely to forget something and it will make you feel good to see things marked off.


Chances are you’ll pack ahead of time.  By thinking ahead, you will be less likely to forget things.  Label boxes according to practicality.  Boxes with items you’ll need right away can be marked accordingly.  You can even color code your boxes.  On the same token, keep in mind what not to pack too far in advance (like your toothbrush).

Moving Day

Picture moving day in your head.  If you have kids or pets (or both!), you may want to arrange for a sitter.  What about meal time?  Pizza is always a good option!  If your new home will involve traveling, be sure to pack accordingly.  You will want to keep your travel luggage separate so it’s not lost in the mix.


Last but certainly not least, you will need help on moving day. It’s tempting to call a few friends, but there are risks involved. What if your friends accidentally break or destroy your most valuable possessions? What if someone is injured? These are some of the things to consider before calling on your friends to help you move.

“Friends don’t make friends break their backs moving them.  Not only is it a real pain for your friends to move you, you are putting your possessions at risk.  Friendships aren’t the only things that can get broken during a move. It puts you at risk asking your friends to help you move. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with, it’s better to call a licensed moving company instead.” – Devri Hensley, Owner Easy Moves Moving & Storage, Pelham, Alabama


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