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VIDEO: Trussville Walmart associates’ national anthem rendition was a shopper stopper

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE –Walmart in Trussville held a ribbon cutting for their new pick-up service in Trussville earlier this week.

One of the Walmart associates, Sabrina Barnes, sang the Star Spangled Banner and stopped shoppers in their tracks with her beautiful rendition of the song.

The passion and patriotism in Barnes’ voice is undeniable and there’s good reason for her strong emotion.

“My son just joined the military,” Barnes said. He is in basic training I actually haven’t had any contact with him now for about two weeks. He has a baby on the way and will not be here to see his daughter born which also is his first child.”

Barnes said her son left for basic on February 5 the day before her birthday.

“I had planned to go to Montgomery to see him off but I caught the flu virus and couldn’t go, so I haven’t seen him since February 4,” Barnes said.

It’s pride in her son’s service and the sacrifice of everyone serving the country that adds to her emotion when singing the national anthem.

“My passion came from understanding the sacrifice my son and all service men and women are making to protect our country,” Barnes said. “I never truly understood the emotional part of not knowing when you will, and for some if you will ever, see your love one again. I had to give my son to the U.S. government and I did it proudly because I was proud of him for standing up saying ‘I want to protect my family I want to protect my country I want to become a man of service.'”

Barnes is the department manager over checkouts and candy aisles. Check out the video of Barnes captured by Tribune reader Natalie Norton below.

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