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Blount County shooting suspect now in custody

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

BLOUNT COUNTY –Jericho Parker, the shooting suspect that Blount and Jefferson County officials searched for on Friday night, is now in custody, according to Blount County Operations Commander Tim Kent.

“Jefferson County took him into custody about 30 minutes ago,” Kent said.

Kent said Blount County had placed a hold on Parker and that he would be charged with firing into an occupied dwelling. There could be additional charges pending a review by the district attorney.

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According to Kent, the shooting began  at a residence on Highway 79 in Blount County directly across from the Dallas-Selfville Fire Department. Officers arrived and began searching for the suspect.

“We knew he was either in a black Mustang or a white SUV,” Kent said. “We saw the Mustang take off from behind a church and chased him to Jefferson County. He crashed through a fence near New Castle Road and ran into the woods. We had search dogs on the scene, but they lost his trail early this morning.

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