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Clay-Chalkville senior goes ‘out of the box’ for prom dinner and creates social media buzz

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

CLAY –Clay-Chalkville senior Kayla Gadbaw and her boyfriend, Fultondale High School senior Macon Edwards, had already done the fancy restaurant thing on prom night. The couple recently enjoyed a nice dinner at Firebirds on the night of the Fultondale prom.

Saturday, Kayla wanted a different experience for her Clay-Chalkville prom at the Trussville Civic Center. She passed on fancy and chose one of her favorite restaurants for the occasion.

Gadbaw and Edwards headed to Birmingham’s Southside to eat at deliciously and notoriously messy T-Bone’s Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks.

T-Bone’s posted pictures of the prom couple on Facebook to the delight of followers and the story was soon tweeted out by Foodie in Birmingham (@BhamFoodie).

“I was stumped on where to go eat,” Gadbaw said. “My mother (Nikki Gadbaw) suggested to me and my date that we go to T-Bones because it’s not your typical place to eat for a prom dinner.”

Gadbaw said Edwards was immediately on board with the idea.

“He was like ‘Coolbeans. That’s fine with me if that is what you want to eat.'” Gadbaw said. “He was really fine with just about anywhere and when I told him about the idea of us going to eat Philly cheesesteaks, he was totally down with it, which was awesome.”

Needless to say, the couple drew the attention of other diners when they walked in wearing their formal attire.

“When we walked in, the other customers seemed to be in awe and by the looks on their faces,” Gadbaw said. “They saw we kind of took it out of the box for prom night and that it was definitely cool.”

T-Bone’s was ready for the couple and had set up a table with a white linen tablecloth and fresh flowers.

“The owner, T, a family friend since I was a little girl as far back as I can remember , provided us with the lovely set up of a white tablecloth and flowers,” Gadbaw said. “That made it all. It was such a cute touch to our dinner and made it special. This was such an awesome experience and is definitely a night we will never forget.”

All photos via T-Bone’s Authentic Philly Style Cheesesteaks and Hoagies Facebook


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