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Pinson home to one of Birmingham’s top 25 wealthiest zip codes

BIRMINGHAM — Birmingham may not be one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S., but according to the latest Birmingham Business Journal data, Pinson, along with Leeds and Irondale, residents are among the city’s economic elite.

The slideshow reveals the new List of Birmingham’s wealthiest ZIP codes, which includes a range of metrics from household income to population size.

The list features wealth index scores, which compare each ZIP to national averages based on indicators from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey.

Birmingham is home to six of Alabama’s top 10 wealthiest ZIP codes, and each of those outranks more than 90 percent of the country in wealth index scores.

Birmingham accounts for three of Alabama’s seven total areas that rank within the top 1,000 ZIPs nationally. Pinson is ranked 23rd in Birmingham’s top 25.

35126 (Pinson) Jefferson County
Wealth Index Score -1.21
Population 21,507
Median Household Income $59,458
Per capita income $26,430
Households with total income of $200K+ 2.1%
Median value of owner occupied homes $142,900
Adults 25+ with bachelor’s degrees 17.9%
Adults 25+ with advanced degrees 4.7%

Birmingham’s top 25 ZIPs have an average per capita income of $35,141 and an average population of 20,478.

Jefferson County is the most heavily represented county on the List with 16 of the top neighborhoods, followed by Shelby County with five.

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