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Clay Council holds bid opening, awards bid for demolition

By Crystal McGough

For The Tribune

CLAY – The Clay City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night to award a bid for the demolition of unsafe buildings and/or structures at 7730 Clayton Road to TUC Pipeline in the amount of $8,500. The bid opening for this project was held at the council’s June 12 meeting and TUC Pipeline was found to be the lowest responsible bidder.

The council also held a bid opening earlier in the meeting for the demolition of property at 2346 Old Springville Road, for which TUC Pipeline was the only bidder and bid the same amount.

“They know the drill,” City Manager Ronnie Dixon said. “They have their paperwork in order and their price is $8,500.”

According to Dixon, TUC Pipeline previously handled the demolition of another unsafe building in the city for the same price.

“Their work, what they did (previously) was very good,” Councilor Becky Johnson said.

Dixon said that he would talk to TUC Pipeline on Wednesday and that the council should be able to award the bid for 2346 Old Springville Road at its next meeting.

“Everything’s in order and it is a good company,” Dixon said.

New steps will soon be taken toward the Cosby Lake dredging project, with plans to begin setting aside funds at the end of the month, Dixon said.

“Every year, July is kind of my evaluation month,” he said. “I see where the General Fund is and that’s when we move money into a Building Fund or Capital Project Fund, whatever we have going on.”

The money for the dredging will be deposited into the Building Fund, which was the same fund used to pay for the new library.

The project began last month when engineering company Volkert began the yearlong application process for the Corps of Engineer permit. During the time it will take for the city to get the permit, funds will continue to be added to the Building Fund for the project.

“It’ll take two years (to set aside enough money) probably,” Dixon said. “We’ll do it just like we did the library.”

In other council news, Councilor Dennis Locke completed his basic CMO (Certified Municipal Official) certification through the Alabama League of Municipalities last month. There are three different levels of certification that city officials can achieve: Basic, Advanced and Emeritus.

Over the last year and an half, Locke has been attending seminars, conferences and webinars to achieve this goal.

“I wanted to get it to make sure I’m doing my job right,” Locke said. “There are so many rules and regulations and things that most people don’t realize you can’t do.”

Councilor Bo Johnson also achieved his Advanced CMO earlier this year. Both Johnson and Locke will be a part of the 2018 Municipal Leadership Institute and CMO Graduation Ceremony in October.

Some upcoming important dates for the city of Clay were also announced during the meeting, including the annual Cougar Classic little league football kickoff  on Saturday, Aug. 18, and the Back to School Tax Free weekend that Clay will be participating in from July 20-22.

The next Clay City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 24 at 6:30 p.m. with a pre-council work session at 6 p.m. Anyone who wishes to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting must sign up to do so during the pre-council meeting.

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