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New Trussville rolled ice cream store “Sweet Tooth” slated for end of July

TRUSSVILLE – Tentatively slated for the end of the month, Sweet Tooth is a rolled ice cream store that owner Lin Sabastian hopes will be a new twist in the growing food and entertainment business in Trussville.

Photo by Tanna Friday.

The store will open at the Crescent shopping center off Gadsden Highway.

“This is the first Sweet Tooth location here,” Sabastian said. “We are planning a couple of future locations but as of right now this is the only we’re working on. We’re focusing on this one right now and we’re going to try to get a couple more in the outer Birmingham area.”

Rolled ice cream is made differently than most traditional ice cream. Sabastian explained the process of preparing a cup for order.

“We take a frozen plate that’s cooled down to 20 below,” he said. “Everything is made fresh, we get the cream and the base – There’ll be a lot more flavors in the future. We’ll do flavors of the month and things like that, but you get a chocolate base and a strawberry base, vanilla base, things like that.”

“What we do is get the cream and we pour it over this little frozen slab and within a minute or two it starts freezing over. It’s freshly made ice cream and it forms right in front of the customer’s eyes.”

People come in and pick their base, which can be from a selection of chocolate, vanilla and other flavors of choice. Other ingredients can be added such as Oreo cookies, strawberries, mango, crackers and many others, he said. The ingredients can be poured onto the ice cream as it is freezing over before being spread out on a sheet and rolled over.

Sabastian said that there are a number of toppings to choose from such as chocolate syrup, caramel, gummies and fruit. All sorts of combinations can be made at the customer’s pleasure.

“You can have literally thousands of combinations of stuff,” Sabastian said. “So it’s always a new ice cream every day.”

He said that a website for Sweet Tooth is the works and that they will have a presence on social media soon.

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