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Weiss Lake B&B gives back with ‘A Mother’s Rest’ event

From The Trussville Tribune staff reports

GAYLESVILLE, Ala. — The Weiss Lake B&B is hosting a 3‐night respite retreat on July 27th ‐ 30th for moms of extra needs children.


This quaint Folk Victorian Homestead in the Appalachian mountains is the perfect getaway for our guests. Fishing, hiking, relaxing with the farm animals, or simply sleeping the day away is a welcome respite to our moms.

This type of retreat is one of many scheduled throughout 2018 that A Mother’s Rest (AMR) coordinates as part of our mission to provide much needed rest and relaxation to caregivers of children with extra needs across the country.

The benefits of proactive self‐care have been long overlooked in the special needs community. Acknowledging the emotional and physical strains parents and caregivers face is imperative in ensuring the best long term care to their children.

The mission of AMR is to provide year‐round, in‐person respite and fellowship opportunities for mothers and other caregivers of children/adults/spouses with special needs through partnerships with inns across the country like the Weiss Lake B&B.

This peaceful weekend retreat will afford guests of the program the opportunity for recuperative rest and rejuvenation.

One primary goal of AMR is to build a national network of generous B&B inns like the Weiss Lake B&B “Inns Who Give Back” support these respite‐focused retreats with donated/discounted lodging for just three nights per year. Some inns even offer their hospitality more than once in a calendar year.

To best serve our families, we work together to make retreats accessible, affordable and frequent to parents & other caregivers.
For more information on this and other retreats and programs for AMR, go to www.amothersrest.org.

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