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Times Up: Jeff Fager out at 60 Minutes

From the Trussville Tribune staff reports

NEW YORK, NY — Executive producer Jeff Fager is leaving his position with CBS “60 Minutes”, according to WVTM 13.

This news is following recent accusations that he fostered an abusive workplace.

The announcement came Wednesday, following the news that CBS Corporate CBS Corp. Chairman Leslie Moonves was removed after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Bill Owens has been named as an interim replacement.

In a statement, Fager said, “The company’s decision had nothing to do with the false allegations printed in The New Yorker. Instead, they terminated my contract early because I sent a text message to one of our own CBS reporters demanding that she be fair in covering the story. My language was harsh and, despite the fact that journalists receive harsh demands for fairness all the time, CBS did not like it. One such note should not result in termination after 36 years, but it did.”

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