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Pho Sizzle now open: New restaurant brings pho, bubble tea and rolled ice-cream to Trussville

By Shaun Szkolnik for the Tribune

TRUSSVILLE — Three of the most popular items in food right now are pho, bubble tea and rolled ice cream. Until today none of these delights were available in Trussville. With the opening of Pho Sizzle, in the same shopping center as Kohl’s and Pet Smart, all that changes.

Pho Sizzle is bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to this corner of the world. As Vivian Nguyen explained, “There are no Vietnamese restaurants here, that we are aware of.” But, that isn’t the only feature that makes Pho Sizzle so special, as Nguyen also explained, “Our ingredients are all homemade from scratch, this makes a difference from other brands.”

Pho Sizzle’s signature style of pho, bubble tea and rolled ice cream is no accident. The team spent a very long time perfecting their offerings, spending untold hours in an untold number of cities observing, concocting and perfecting.

For those unfamiliar with bubble tea Nguyen describes it this way, “Bubble tea is a Vietnamese drink that has a variety of flavors like strawberry and mango, leche, almost anything that you can think of.”

Nguyen’s description of pho is a perfect explanation of the delicious dish, “Pho is a Vietnamese dish, it is beef broth soup, it is a very popular dish around the whole world. It has noodles, beef, meatballs, onion, scallions, bean sprouts and you top it off with hoison sauce or a siracha.”

As excellent as that sounds diners will want to save some room for the rolled ice cream. Nguyen said, “We also offer rolled ice cream. It originated from the West Coast, and we brought it here to this restaurant because we want to share it around Trussville. What we do is we freeze the grill, chilling it down to negative 16 degrees Fahrenheit, pour the ice cream on the grill, let it freeze up some more, and then we roll the ice cream on there while adding toppings o such as Kit-Kat, graham crackers, or pretty much any topping you’d want.”

Pho Sizzle is located at 5880 Trussville Crossings Boulevard Suite 100. Their hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

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