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Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookies, back in stores now!

From the Trussville Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — In Central Alabama it is not always possible to tell when it is the holiday season merely by consulting the weather.  A more reliable measure must be appealed to.  One of the surest methods, tried and true across the generations, is to check with the local grocer.

When the shelves are stocked with jelly beans and peeps Easter is near.  Similarly, pumpkin spice and candy corn portend the arrival of fall; such that it is here in Central Alabama.  The Christmas season, which many contend to be the most wonderful season of all, is heralded by the appearance of eggnog, candy canes and Blue Bell’s Christmas Cookies! flavor of ice cream.

Christmas Cookies! One of the most requested flavors and has returned to stores this week. Christmas Cookies! is a combination of several favorite holiday cookies -chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar- in a tasty sugar cookie ice cream with red sprinkles and a green icing swirl throughout.

Last year supplies were consumed quickly.  Blue Bell has increased production and is hopeful that there will be enough of the ice cream to last through the season.  It is, as with all seasonal products, available for a limited time only.

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