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Trussville Cigar Company to honor veterans on Sunday and Monday

By Shaun Szkolnik

For the Tribune

TRUSSVILLE – Tomorrow an important centenary will be upon us.  On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, of 1918, World War I was brought to a close.  The events that led to that great conflict may have been an accident, but the symbolism associated with the armistice that ended it was not.

For the generation that participated in the first war November 11 became Armistice Day.  For the generation born at that war’s end, the one that grew up during the Great Depression and marched off to a world war of their own, November 11 was transformed into Veteran’s Day.  It has remained so ever since.

In the decades since 1954, when November 11 was officially transitioned into Veteran’s Day, much has changed.  One thing that should not change, however, is the commitment to recognizing and honoring the veterans that remain and all of the veterans that have passed on.

It is precisely that sentiment that has led the Trussville Cigar Company to hold a special event on Sunday and Monday to honor our veterans and first responders.

“The event is going to be on the eleventh and twelfth, which is Sunday and Monday.” Said co-owner Larry Butler. “We are normally closed on Sunday, but we will be open for that day. The cigars themselves will be discounts [for veterans and first responders], and I understand we will be having burgers.  We’re going to give five percent of those profits, for the two days, to troops; in the form of cigars.”  A third party will be responsible for getting those cigars to the troops.

Because of the nature of the holiday the Trussville Cigar Company is keen to highlight two particular brands that have a close association with veterans.

“The two cigars that we will feature at that particular event are Southern Draw and Warfighter.  Southern Draw is veteran owned and a rep for them will be here, during the event.” Said Butler. “Warfighter is veteran owned as well, but Warfighter will only sell to veterans and first responders, as owners of the company, that is their criteria for you to be a dealer for them.”

A large part of the market that the Trussville Cigar Company serves are veterans and first responders.  In fact, it was a first responder that first clued them into the existence of the Warfighter brand.

“A customer, a police officer from Odenville, came in and asked if we carried Warfighter.” Said co-owner Terry Wester. “And we said, ‘Warfigher’?  And that is what started it.”

The Cigar Company has further planned to use social media in their two-day celebration of the nation’s finest.

“During the events we’ll be having Facebook live feeds, throughout the day.” Said Wester. “And we’ll honor some of the troops and the veterans on Facebook live.”

The Trussville Cigar Company is located at 112 Glenn Avenue in Trussville.

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