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TINTpro – Residential, Commercial, and Auto Window Tinting

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By Judi McGuire

For The Tribune

The minute you enter TINTpro in Trussville, it is evident that the employees are committed to making your visit a welcoming and pleasant experience. Excellent customer service is the foundation of any successful organization.  Within the first few minutes of entering TINTpro, you will be greeted by an employee who has moved from behind the counter to shake your hand.  The tastefully designed entrance with eye-catching displays of tint options, the smell of complimentary fresh-brewed coffee, a cold beverage cooler, and comfortable seating offer reassurance that TINTpro is a business that treats the needs of each individual customer with utmost concern.

TINTpro owner, Matt Russell is aware that customers not familiar with the complexity of the industry come into the store with high expectations.  Matt has twenty years of experience in the tint industry, and he enjoys the challenge of meeting and exceeding industry standards each and every time.  He is eager to share TINTpro’s knowledge and enthusiasm with every customer.

“TINTpro sells and installs the highest quality window tint in Birmingham.  All window tint comes with a lifetime warranty and is backed by a 100% workmanship guarantee. We are dedicated to a swift and professional service. Our mission statement is ‘to offer our customers the highest quality window tint at a fair market value backed by a 100% workmanship warranty,’” said Mr. Russell.

“Llumar solar films are one of the best upgrades you can have done to your home,” continued Matt.  “Customers will quickly see benefits of having their home windows tinted. Window tinting actually gives you UV protection.  Stopping the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your investments such as hardwood floors, drapes, blinds, shutters, carpet, dining room tables, furniture, antiques, and paintings, etc.  Ceramic window tint offers the most protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Also, we offer solar films with as much as 83% solar energy reduction. Glare reduction is my favorite benefit of window tint.  Our top setting films provide 50-70% glare reduction, taking the harshness out of the light and letting in only soft natural rays of the sun.” Llumar window tinting is also available for office windows. Window tinting installation estimates are conducted as a TINTpro complimentary service.

High-performance LLumar brand window tints are proudly made in the USA.  These tints help protect and improve homes, businesses, and vehicles. It is manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company and is recognized for their outstanding appearance and durability.

All LLumar films for automotive comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling, or color change.  You will be able to choose from four different series: Classic series premium-dyed tint. Cool charcoal hues with the latest in dyed tint technology make the ATC Series the right choice for anyone looking to enhance their vehicle’s style; CTX Nano-ceramic tint. The Lumar CTX Series offers superior heat, glare and UV protection without interfering with the signals from your electronic devices; Pinnacle series ceramic tint combines an exact black coloring with unmatched ceramic performance, and Stratos series dual ceramic tint which stops 98% infrared spectrum of light.

TINTpro is located at 3229 Veterans Circle, Suite 101, Birmingham, Alabama 35235. Showroom hours are Monday – Saturday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Installations are Monday-Saturday, by appointment. Call 205-948-8468 for home window tinting, auto window tinting or for removing window tint that is old or damaged.

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