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Sooie! Pig on the loose in Trussville

By Erica Thomas, editor

TRUSSVILLE — You could call it a “wild goose chase,” but something interesting happened in Trussville. Several people reported seeing a pig roaming in different parts of the city.

The animal appeared to be a potbelly pig and sightings have been reported on Whites Chapel Parkway and Roper Road.

Photo taken by Cindy Bell Matthews

Trussville Country Club owner Chris Rigdon said he hasn’t seen any swine on his golf course. (This is something we are sure he is happy about. It would be a shame to have a hungry hog pigging out on the greens.)

Tara Adaway, a FedEx driver, said she saw the pig Thursday morning on the side of a hill near Cahaba Park Drive.

“I’ve been out here 14 years and I’ve never seen a pig,” she said. “What the heck is this thing doing on the side of the road? I’ve never seen this pig before and I usually know who has pigs on my route.”

Adaway said from now on she will be on the lookout when she is on her regular route through the area.

Endearing names were given to the pig, including “Chris P. Bacon” and “Ham Newton.” While it can be seen as a laughing matter, it is also important that the owner finds the lost loved one as soon as possible.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society is on the trail of the pig after receiving calls from people who are concerned it could get hit by a car. The society said this is an unusual case and if they find it they will not be able to house the pig at their facility. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office would be responsible for transport and housing of the animal until it can be placed into a permanent home. This is the case with all farm animals found wandering in the county.

The humane society said people should not approach the pig or try to catch it if they see it. The animal could be dangerous and experts recommend you call authorities immediately. You can reach the Greater Birmingham Humane Society at (205) 591-6522.

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