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VIDEO-READY TO RESCUE: Trussville man trains to find the lost

By David Lazenby Editor A Trussville speech pathologist who owns a German Shorthaired Pointer and a daschshund is a dog enthusiast in more ways than one. [caption id="attachment_43477" align="alignleft" width="150"] Geoff White plays with one of the search and rescue dogs used by Red Mountain Search Dog Association.[/caption] At least once per week, Geoff White spends a portion of his spare time volunteerin ...

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Trussville resident serves as interim minister for founding church of PCA

By Nathan Prewett For the Tribune TRUSSVILLE – For Trussville resident Richard Hitchcock, combining music with religious faith is a powerful thing. A lifelong musician, Hitchcock was recently picked as the interim music minister at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, which was a founding church of the Presbyterian Church in America. [caption id="attachment_42894" align="alignleft" width="300"] Richard Hitchcock ...

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American Ride: Project Patriot Bikes displays true colors

By Nathan Prewett For the Tribune TRUSSVILLE –Terry Dailey is on a mission to spread love of country among people and he does this through his non-profit organization, Project Patriot Bikes, where he showcases his motorcycles painted with American symbolism and educates the public on national pride. [caption id="attachment_42779" align="alignleft" width="300"] Terry Dailey stands between his motorcycles. Ph ...

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Renovations at Rock School Center to add Pinson library

By Nathan Prewett For the Tribune PINSON – Rock School Center in Pinson is a historic landmark in the city that has undergone numerous changes since 1920 and has served different functions over the years as a school and a community center. [caption id="attachment_42764" align="alignleft" width="300"] Plans for renovations to Rock School Center. Photo provided by the City of Pinson.[/caption] “When I was you ...

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Church group takes message to the streets

By David Lazenby Editor TRUSSVILLE — As motorists traveled on Main Street and Chalkville Road Friday afternoon — many presumably driving home from work — half a dozen members of area churches were at work, performing what they say is a duty instructed by The Holy Bible. Terry Watkins, 62, the pastor of Pearl Lake Baptist Church of Springville, preached into an electronic Megaphone under the awing at the for ...

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Family serves country by gathering greeting cards for soldiers abroad

By Nathan Prewett For the Tribune TRUSSVILLE – When Lucian Nelson, 8, and his little sister, Ramsey Kate Nelson, 5, found out that their father was about to be deployed to the Middle East they wanted to collect cards for other United States soldiers serving overseas. To benefit troops abroad, the siblings collected cards for the soldiers away from home. They set out to gather 275 cards and wound up with mor ...

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Argo council members clean up roads with volunteers for Earth Day

By Nathan Prewett For the Tribune ARGO – On Saturday morning a dozen volunteers turned out for Argo’s first Earth Day clean up in the city. Among them were Councilman Anthony Alldredge, Councilwoman Ann Brown and Argo mayor Betty Bradley. [caption id="attachment_40080" align="alignleft" width="300"] Michelle Coalson (left) and Beth Alldrege (right) pick up trash along a road in Argo.[/caption] The volunteer ...

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Alabama Teacher of the year shows commitment to Jefferson County

By Megan Miller, Editor CLAY – Becoming Alabama Teacher of the Year is no easy task, but Dana Jacobson is taking her title in stride. Jacobson, who has taught at Clay-Chalkville High School since 1999, said that CCHS has a teacher of the month program, and she happened to be the teacher of the month last November when the nomination process for the Alabama Teacher of the Year begins. “When I think about Dan ...

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9/11: 15 years later through the eyes of four Trussville residents

By Bob Davis, Special to The Trussville Tribune Where were you when the world stopped turning? Does it seem like it has been 15 years? Yeah, I know I stole the title from Alan Jackson’s iconic song that helped us get through the horror of the 9/11/2001 terror attacks. This was not unlike Kate Smith’s rousing rendition of Irving Berlin’s classic “God Bless America” that helped us get through World War II. He ...

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Trussville preschool receives accreditation

By Megan Miller, Editor TRUSSVILLE – The National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs recently announced that Noah’s Park Weekday Early [caption id="attachment_33882" align="alignleft" width="225"] submitted photo[/caption] Education has been awarded accreditation. Noah’s Park Weekday Early Education has been recognized as an early care and education program exemplifying excellenc ...

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