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Clay teams up with Alabama’s First Response Radio, Relief

The city of Clay recently joined efforts with Alabama’s First Response Radio and Relief, a first response system for disasters that was founded April 4 by Clay resident Kenn Galbreath. “We (are) glad to participate in building this as a first response to anywhere in the state,” Clay Mayor Ed McGuffie said. “Being a member and being that we’ve had this experience before, they want our expertise in putting to ...

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Seeking to avoid a life of crime? The solution is simple

I used to be quite the clotheshorse, and until last week, I could easily prove it. But in a recent fit of clutter-cutting, the last indicator of my once-stylish wardrobe took a dive – into the dumpster, that is. I finally cleaned out a dresser drawer stuffed with old pantyhose. To see how I dress now, you’d never know I once stopped by the mall on the way home from work at least once a week to buy a new out ...

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Triple Threat: New ways to fight ‘big three’ causes of blindness

I have seen plenty of examples of a “routine” eye exam shift in a heartbeat to a moment of discovery. I had one such moment when a patient was in his exam chair thinking he just needed new reading glasses. I took a look into a patient’s eyes and saw the telltale signs of early-stage glaucoma. This chronic eye disorder is sneaky – it often displays no symptoms until it robs eyesight from the patient. So snea ...

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Historical information revealed at Mt. Calvary cemetery walk

Traveling to the north end of Clay will bring a person to where the counties meet, the waters spring forth and history abounds. In this area is a cemetery that reveals the roots of many families, some still in the area and some who moved away. Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church is next to this recognized historical cemetery on Cedar Mountain Road. The church hosted a “cemetery walk” Saturday where individuals ...

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Clay Fishing Rodeo successful

More than 200 children came out to the second annual Clay Fishing Rodeo at Cosby Lake Park on Saturday to enjoy a day of fishing, free food and prizes. The city stocked the lake with catfish in a netted area prior to the event and gave away 200 Debco fishing rod and reels to the children who attended. Turkey Creek Nature Preserve provided catfish bait and Trussville’s Academy Sports and Outdoors donated fis ...

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Local Scout uses Eagle project to help middle school students

Eli Nafziger, a student at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School, was searching for a project to help earn his Eagle Scout badge when he had the idea of combining his interest in gardening with helping the exceptional education students in his own school. “A little over a year ago, I began to look at options of what I could do for an Eagle Project,” Nafziger said. “After spending time with some of the special edu ...

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Clay honors descendants of Wear Cemetery veterans

The city of Clay and the Clay Historical Society held a dedication ceremony for the new Wear Cemetery fence Saturday morning. The veterans’ cemetery is named after Samuel Wear, who fought at King’s Mountain in the Revolutionary War when he was 14 years old. More than 50 people met at Clay United Methodist Church and were shuttled by bus to the cemetery. Among the participants were Mayor Ed McGuffie, Clay Ci ...

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Lowering cholesterol naturally without drugs, part 2

When striving for healthy living, it is important to live a natural, God-designed life, or as close to it as you can possibly get. You do not have to be perfect; however, your goal should be to live as healthy as you possibly can. You need that goal if you are going to lower your cholesterol naturally because it takes time. It won't happen overnight. In this article, I want to share a few health habits that ...

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Second Wind Dreams makes wishes come true in Clay

Elise Swindle never thought she would get the opportunity to operate a piece of heavy machinery.   With her 99th birthday approaching in August, she believed the opportunity to do something of this nature had almost passed her by.   On May 17, however, her dream came true.   Elmcroft of Grayson Valley Senior Living Community, where Swindle lives, teamed up with the city of Clay to accomplish ...

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