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Weld: Camp Coleman was “close to breaking even,” Trussville offer to save camp rejected

Weld for Birmingham, in an article published today,  quoted Sarah Edwards from the Friends of Camp Coleman as saying, “We know that Camp Coleman has been close to breaking even.” Edwards cited figures from the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama website which show the camp’s total revenue at a $15,015 loss in 2010 and a $13,823 profit in 2011, according to the article by Weld writer Katherine Webb.

Weld published Webb’s story today after weeks of an exhaustive investigation into the closing of Camp Coleman and the GSNCA finances.

The story also says Trussville Mayor Gene Melton proposed a joint operating arrangement with GSNCA.

“In an attempt to preserve the land, Trussville Mayor Gene Melton offered to purchase the camp — admittedly ‘at a city discount, somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,500 to $5,000 an acre’— to keep the site operating as both community green space and a Girl Scout facility. On March 15, GSNCA rejected Melton’s offer,” Webb wrote.

Read the full story from Weld here.

Just last week, GSNCA attorney Daniel J. Burnick warned Webb and Weld against publishing ” false and/or defamatory statements” about the scout organization.

This morning, The Trussville Tribune reported that GSNCA would give the public a chance to say goodbye to Camp Coleman for $5 per person with an additional $2 charge to participate in staffed events. The open house and picnic will be held from 2 p.m
. to 4 p.m. on Sunday at the camp, which is almost 90 years old. You can read the full story here.

Publisher’s Note-  The Weld story, For the girls?, is quite extensive. Our recap and introduction do not even begin to demonstrate the ground covered nor the depth offered in Katherine Webb’s article. We highly recommend following the links to read the entire story.

Photo from Weld of Birmingham, courtesy of Sarah Edwards  


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