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Weld: Board president and 5 local Girl Scout leaders resign

Weld for Birmingham is reporting that five members of the board of directors for the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama are resigning.

Katherine Webb’s article states that Board President Rachel Russell, along with board members Cindi Vice, Paige Daniel, Henley Smith, Wendy Evesque, and Mariah Chapman are all stepping down.

In addition to the president, those resigning include the treasurer and chair of the finance committee. No reason was given for the resignations.

“The announcement comes one week after a GSNCA board decision to reevaluate the contentious three-phase property plan that included the sale of Trussville’s 88-year-old Camp Coleman, and which divided local Scout members for more than a year,” Webb wrote. “Last week’s decision, according to both members of the grassroots group who have been fighting to save camps and the council who has been working toward long-term operational sustainability, was a step in the right direction for the organization.”

To read Webb’s full story at Weld for Birmingham, click here.

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