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Birmingham woman releasing online class to help Ashley Madison victims

With the recent leaking of names and addresses of alleged users of, one Birmingham woman, who says she was once betrayed by her husband, is reaching out to help women affected by the news.

Melody Lovvorn

Melody Lovvorn

Melody Lovvorn, co-founder of the non-profit organization Undone, Redone, Inc. and Vice President of Route 1520, LLC, is releasing an online course designed to help women who have experienced the pain of betrayal and infidelity according to a press release.

The course will span 30 days and can be accessed by computer, tablet or even smart phones.

“It was fifteen years ago when I first discovered that my husband had been unfaithful. As long as I live, I will never forget that moment. The words ‘we need to talk,’ followed by ‘yes it’s true,’ broadsided me with a pain I had never before experienced,” Lovvorn said in the release. “If you or anyone you know is struggling with betrayal, this course can be a life-changing resource.”

The course is set for release on Sept. 1, and can be found at

“The Life Beyond Betrayal course is the collective wisdom and understanding I have personally gleaned from my own experience along with hundreds of conversations in coffee shops and over the phone with other women who have experienced betrayal and infidelity,” Lovvorn said. “I want to help women learn from the mistakes that I made and the mistakes of others so that their pain isn’t prolonged unnecessarily.”


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