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    Tommy Dodson

    They need to stick around a while and get Targets bussiness

  2. 3

    Dale Taylor

    I have been wondering how they were still open for the past 10 years.

  3. 4

    Angie Huffman

    they were always too high in the prices.

  4. 5

    Michael Wingate

    I agree with Dan. 10 years too late.

  5. 6

    Deborah Coleman

    I wonder if my camera will b on sale

  6. 7

    Tresha Renee Snider

    Autumn Michelle we need to start our Christmas shopping now…

  7. 10

    Holly Smith Winslett

    Wth? I love this store. How come evthing in Trussville is closing, Little Ceasers…Subway now Kmart? Smh!

  8. 11

    Autumn Michelle

    I was just talking to someone about Kmart the other day. Definitely need to go by there.

  9. 12

    Melanie Skinner Gaines

    One of the few places I can still find dresses that keep my 11 year old looking like an 11 year old!

  10. 15

    Michael A Thrash

    Can’t wait for the going out of business sales

  11. 16
  12. 18

    Cheryl Duchock

    Yeah good memories there ❤️:(

  13. 20

    Jessica McCool

    Teresa McCool Sharon Scarvey Gunter

  14. 23
  15. 24

    Bryan Bischoff

    Getting closer and closer into turning into center point.

  16. 29

    Daniel Courington

    Yep. Losing KMART is a sure sign of the downfall. Better move out right now. A failing company shutting down two of their last stores in the area has to be a sure sign of the end. Other sure signs are the construction you see everywhere with nice new shopping centers and major planned renovations downtown. My neighborhood is growing at a pace of only one new home a week. Just one. That’s only 52 a year in my subdivision. Where are all the people in Trussville and Homewood gonna go?

  17. 30

    Bryan Bischoff

    You must not have grown up in trussville. Nice new shopping centers attracting riff raffle from the other side of town. Well we’ve had car jackings, robberies, thug flash mobs at the bowling alley, stabbing there, dollar stores, dollar general, now some new 5 and under store in the new shopping center. And you probably don’t remember they were trying to put a thrift store where the fresh value market is. Oh it’s coming. People who grew up here back when it was a 2 lane highway know what I’m talking about.

  18. 32

    Melanie Saunders Hightower

    It has been remodeled no food court. More merchandise .tile bathroom. Walmart needs competition!

  19. 33

    Debi Lawley

    I do like this store. If I had one complaint it’s that they were always short in clerks to checkout They will be missed.

  20. 34
  21. 35

    Stacey Smoke

    Well I still have Gardendale

  22. 36

    Heather Peacock

    I’m surprised it held on this long

  23. 37

    April Speanburg

    No, it can’t close! I really hate shopping at Walmart…

  24. 39

    Patricia Anne Watson

    Give it 10 yrs and Trussville will be Centerpoint. Sad…

  25. 41

    Sharon Lass

    Never seemed too busy but I do like them
    Hope the building doesn’t stay empty

  26. 42

    Brian Wells

    Hate it for the workers,but that place had no chance.

  27. 43

    Ronald Hamilton

    Looks like hobby lobby won’t have to build. They will just move in Kmart.

  28. 44

    Monica Layne VanGossen

    Gardendale closing too according to the news this morning

  29. 45

    Rebecca R. King

    Hate to hear that! Enjoyed shopping there several times recently – nice & quiet & so uncrowded.

  30. 46

    Jenna Bryant

    Rhonda Winnett Campbell

  31. 47

    Henry Baldwin

    Looks like a good place for a Dave & Busters

  32. 48

    Rhonda Winnett Campbell

    I have heard it for 10 years so now it’s true

  33. 49

    Nickiea J McArthur

    I can’t belive this!!!! Why??? This was the only place I could go and get clothing for my children that was appropriate and reasonable enough for their age group. Including Including my on. This isn’t right! The competitors being Wal-mart, who even shops their and Target is too expensive. This was a family store to me 🙁

  34. 50

    Jimmy Stidham

    Did anyone think this would not happen when Walmart was give big tax breaks by opening across the street.

  35. 51

    Daniel Courington

    A Five Below is coming. That place has just killed Hoover and 280. I know the Panera, Ulta, and Fresh Market will make us lose many too. the dollar general in Vestavia and the three in Madison have people leaving in droves (surely you see that your arguments really holds no water- crime increases with development at times but crime rates in Trussville really have not shown significant increase. You either progress as a city or you regress.. if nothing was building at all- that’s what all the negative people would rally around.)

  36. 52

    Bryan Bischoff

    Your not even worth arguing with.Your young and are growing up in today’s young society which is the downfall of America. Keep dreaming and make everyone equal and make sure you vote democrat like you did last time.

  37. 53

    Karen Jones

    Can’t stand going in Wally World!! Just hate that K-mart is closing!

  38. 54

    Karen Jones

    Can’t stand going in Wally World!! Just hate that K-mart is closing!

  39. 55

    Terry Yerby

    It was just a matter of time. Acadamy sports is supposed to be moving there. I did maintenance for Sears for 6 years, they were talking about closing trussville years ago.

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