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Professor, Published Author, & Attorney John L. Bodie

The cliché “those who can’t do; teach” should be officially retired.  A prime example of its fallaciousness is embodied in Professor, Published Author, and Attorney John L. Bodie.  John L. Bodie has been practicing law for over 19 years, and teaching law for over 18 years.  It is evident why he is the attorney that other attorneys call; his vast expertise, extensive amount of knowledge and generosity with his time make him a valuable and approachable advisor.

John L. Bodie, Attorney

Bodie’s vast array of knowledge, understanding of the law, and legal and practical application is evident to anyone who has the pleasure of speaking with him.  As an incoming 1L I was delighted with the opportunity to speak with Professor Bodie.   Not only was he incredibly kind in conceding a large portion of his morning to my incessant questions about the law, his practice, his experience as an attorney, and examples of practical application in the areas of his practice; but he also enlightened me even further on just how important good legal representation is.

Practice Areas

His practice is devoted to a wide range of areas of law. John L. Bodie is licensed to handle both federal and state legal proceedings.  He handles case from start to finish; from filings, to appeals, and even oral arguments at the appellate level. While he currently spends the majority of his time with a focus on juvenile, family, and criminal law; John L. Bodie can help a client with a litany of legal needs including wills, personal injury, business formation, civil proceedings, real property (land) issues and insurance law.


John L. Bodie is a sole practitioner at John L. Bodie, P.C..  His practice is unique in several ways.  One of these ways is in the flexibility he gives to his legal customers to control their legal fees by offering limited scope representation.  Limited scope representation is essentially the practice of offering a la carte legal services; allowing clients to choose the areas they want his assistance and guidance and do some of the legal work themselves.  He also offers a “legal checkup” to help you make sure you are where you want to be with respect to your legal issues.

An additional aspect that makes John L. Bodie’s practice unique is in his technical experience prior to becoming a lawyer, professor, and author.  John L. Bodie says he is a “computer enthusiast” and “technologically competent” but he is truly a technology guru.  Holding a dual Bachelors in both Mathematics and Computer Science, and an LL.M in Innovation, Technology and the Law, John L. Bodie is well-versed in technology and its current and future legal implications.  He understands not only how technology works, but further, how according to Bodie; “it can be integrated into a case for a client’s benefit”.

Cases involving technology are the future of law.  It is becoming increasingly imperative that attorneys be technologically proficient because it is no longer be enough to simply understand how technology works, as attorneys we must know how it [technology] can be integrated into a case for a client’s benefit. – John L. Bodie

Education, Qualification, Licenses & Memberships

John L. Bodie holds a dual Bachelors in Mathematics and Computer Science from Athens State University.  He received his Juris Doctorate with Honors from Birmingham School of Law in 1997.  In 2008 he received his LL.M from the University of Edinburgh in Innovation, Technology and the Law.

John L. Bodie is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar, the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the Greater Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and the Birmingham Bar Association.  He is currently the chairman of the Family Law Committee of the Birmingham Bar Association. He is admitted to practice in the State of Alabama and in the Federal Courts for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Alabama.


John L. Bodie started his solo practice in 1997 in Huntsville but his heart has always belonged to the Birmingham area.  Just a year after opening his practice in Huntsville John L. Bodie moved his family and practice back to Jefferson County.

John L. Bodie has been a professor of Civil Procedure at the Birmingham School of Law since 1998.  In addition to Civil Procedure he has also enjoyed teaching the classes of Legal Research, Pleadings and Practice, Juvenile Law, and Advanced Civil Procedure at the Birmingham School of Law.

John L. Bodie also frequently serves as a guest lecturer.  He often lectures at Continuing Legal Education Programs and has been a guest lecturer in the Senior Seminar for the Alabama Civil Litigation section of the Alabama State Bar.

In 2009 John L. Bodie authored the Alabama Juvenile and Family Courts Handbook which is used throughout Alabama as reference for attorneys and in a classroom setting to teach law students.

Common Questions

These are some of the most common questions clients want to know and their answers.

Q:  What can I expect as I client when I hire an attorney?

A:  John L. Bodie will get to know you, your needs, and thoroughly invest himself into helping you achieve the desired result.  John L. Bodie recognizes that each client is different and so are their legal needs.


Q:  How long will my case take?

A: The short answer is: “It depends” and unfortunately often “longer than you think”.  A case that involves small claims court can take around six weeks.  A case involving a contested divorce can take years whereas an uncontested divorce can be relatively short and painless.

Contact John L. Bodie

John L. Bodie, P.C.’s office is located in Trussville at 122 N Chalkville Road, Suite 202 B on N. Chalkville Road between Trussville Methodist and Trussville Baptist.  Contact John L. Bodie via phone at (205)701-4444 or via email at John@JohnBodie.comVisit John L. Bodie’s website at JohnBodie.com.

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