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    Judy Morrow Rice

    Good for the Tutwiler community

  2. 2

    Judy Morrow Rice

    Good for the Tutwiler community

  3. 4

    Cyle King

    Chris Hollingsworth

  4. 6
  5. 7

    Jacob Allen Hudson

    Typical Trussville… We don’t want anyone here but fast food and chains

  6. 8

    Matt Hollis

    Hwy 11 gets uglier by the day.

  7. 9

    Leah Scharf

    I’ve been hoping for an O’Reilly….said no one ever.
    I wish the Chamber of Commerce would focus on bringing larger businesses to industrial park instead of ‘fundraising’.
    I’m ready for change and I’m ready for quality & very selective retail that enhances the area for the long haul.

    Maybe the Trussville Tribune could start posting the filmed meetings online for everyone to see what is going on and be informed? The city council and boards do a fantastic job. With encouragement, interaction and participation from the community Trussville can be an even better place! GET INVOLVED folks!

  8. 10

    Lynn Cleveland

    Seriously? I think that horse has already left the barn.

  9. 11

    Tim Davis

    As a resident of Tutwiler I don’t want more development around our entrance !

  10. 12

    Ryan Gunnells

    I remember Tutwiler being the jewel of Trussville when I was a kid. What’s next? Title pawn on the other side? Lol

  11. 13

    Richard Self

    You do realize what’s going across the street now right?

  12. 14

    Tim Davis

    I know ! It’s going to cause a delay at our light ! I’m not against development as long as increased traffic is taken into consideration !

  13. 15

    DeAndra Price

    My parents are going to stroke and or move from Tutwiler. Lol

  14. 16

    Chris Clark

    Never thought they would ok a strip mall in front of TW.

  15. 17

    Jimmy Stidham

    I remember the time when trussville wanted and needed a tax base! Always use traffic as reasons of turn down. Where can you go now with out being in traffic? Did you know that this parts store could file suite ! It is a legal business and they would win in court.

  16. 18

    Kay Fochtmann Mickel

    I’m not sure how they can legally deny them either. You can’t deny businesses just because…

  17. 19

    Dennis Blass

    Is that close to the Kia store?

  18. 20

    Leah Scharf

    LOL….Kia store is next

  19. 21

    Ian Maddox

    City council meetings are open to the public.

  20. 22

    Ian Maddox

    I am truly conflicted about all that is going on and do care enough to attend meetings. I would also like to move (or consolidate) business in Trussville.

  21. 23

    Michael Quinby

    Thank goodness! Highway 11 is becoming 280! I hate it!

  22. 24

    Leah Scharf

    Ian Maddox I feel like I have met you. Did you come in Cafe On Main in Oneonta in the past couple of years?

  23. 25

    Ian Maddox

    Sure, I’ve been there. It’s been a while though.

  24. 26

    Jamie C. Hacker

    Look at the parking lot of Westminster Presbyterian Church next to the cemetery—lots of Kia’s lined up there?

  25. 27

    Leah Scharf

    Ian Maddox I remember talking to you and you saying you would like to get involved in Trussville and move business here. You would be great!

  26. 28

    Tom Hamm

    If the good people of Tutwiler Farms do not wish to have a parts store near the entrance to their subdivision, the simple answer is for them to purchase as much of the property around their entrance as they deem aesthetically pleasing and plant shrubbery on it.

  27. 29

    Steven Reynolds

    Typical Trussville — as I clutch my pearls I decided I only want Saks or chico Gucci or Louie vutton wake up folks its good for the community but how dare someone try to better it

  28. 30

    Janice Gafnea Gallagher

    We don’t need anymore AUTO anything in Trussville. This place needs improved by interesting businesses people are wanting here.

  29. 31

    Gwendolyn Wardlow

    Isnt there already a title pawn next to Enterprise?

  30. 32

    Jake Franklin

    I wouldn’t want an O’riley near my neighborhood who would want that terrible little jingle popping in their head every time you went home.

  31. 34

    Christy Hodgson Long

    I feel like Trussville is just starting to become another Roebuck with all of the wishy washy crap stores on the side of Hwy 11. It’s Roebuck Parkway all over again!

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