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  1. 1

    Dan Hodo

    Every single day one of these stories is posted.

  2. 2

    DeAndra Price

    It’s so sad. I moved to Trussville to be away from
    Stuff like this & hearing of it. Only to read about it every morning in the TT.

  3. 3

    Jason Lynn

    This happened in North Birmingham not Trussville. You hear about it more now because of social media but Birmingham has always been historically one of the most violent cities in the country.

  4. 4

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley

    People don’t like to read the whole article before posting negatively.

  5. 5

    Laura Giles Filasek

    Her comment says she moved to Trussville to get away only to have to READ about it all the time in the Tribune. I don’t think she’s saying it happened here.

  6. 6

    Chuck Biddinger

    Jennifer Chinnis Lawley ??? what was negative?

  7. 7

    Ricky Baker

    A woman is killed and children shot. I am so sorry you had to read about it.

  8. 8

    Sharon Zales Kilgore

    Sad part about this story is authorities had been there in the past for calls on domestic violence and this is the out come. Same situation where children are involved. I PERSONALLY HAVE REPORTED FOR CHILD ABUSE AND WAS FLAT TOLD DHR HAS OTHER IMPORTANT (DRUGGIES) THINGS TO DEAL WITH. DONT UNDERSTAND OUR SYSTEM AT ALL

  9. 9

    Cindy Brown

    Note to parents EVERYWHERE…..be VERY, VERY careful who you allow into your life and those of your CHILDREN! At the 1st sign of abuse (physical or mental) GET RID OF THEM! JS

  10. 10

    Teresa Stone Edwards

    So senseless ! I don’t understand our system either!!

  11. 11

    Teresa Maddox

    So sad ,brakes my heart

  12. 12

    Stacie Riddle Morton

    On a real note….. There has been more domestic violence situations lately. And most of them have ended in murder. There were children who were shot in the house. And other children who were not. And he killed their mother. People always wanna look the other way and it gets worse and worse. I hope all the children I me homes and can actually be together. And I hope the man suffers far worse than the kids have and will.

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