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    Donna Santos Griffith

    Best Pediatricians around….. It was a sad day when we realized we couldn’t go there anymore. Haven’t found a general physician since then. #goodthingwearentsickmuch

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    Carolyn Morrison Ford

    I will forever hold a special place in my heart for Dr. Money. Ms Viv was also a good nurse. He was the best for both of my children. Of course, they are grown and have children of their own.

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    Kyra Latino

    Amy Latino-Garner is this the one the kids go to?

  5. 10

    Amy Latino-Garner

    Yes, Kyra Latino. That is good to know!

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    Adina Pittman Trimm

    Wish they accepted older Medicaid paitents…moved to Trussville and I cant change Peditricians…

  8. 14

    Lisa Wynn

    Love Dr. Rochelle.

  9. 15

    Magan Stadler

    Amber Gilliam Youngblood

  10. 16

    Amber Gilliam Youngblood

    Good. This is where Weston will be going

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